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Volunteer Opportunities

  1. WSCF-Europe is looking for a Treasurer!

    Job description:

    WSCF-Europe Regional Committee  (ERC) is looking to fill the role of the Treasurer in between two assemblies. The role shall start late summer 2018 and end at the assembly in late 2019 with the possibility to be considered for another term by the gathered Europe regional assembly of WSCF-Europe. This is an exciting volunteering role, in which you can grow and learn about financial management, as well as management of the NGO and matters of strategic organisational importance. Part of the role is also being a member of the ERC which decides and deliver the programmatic work in which the Treasurer can also participate and be involved in actively.

    Key responsibilities:

    Main Goal: Manage finances of WSCF Europe in a sustainable manner. To manage the work of WSCF Europe as the key decision-making body of the Federation in Europe between ERAs.

    • Prepare and manage the annual budget of WSCF Europe;
    • Ensure WSCF Europe accounts are professionally audited;
    • Ensure office bookkeeping and cash management are completed to a high standard;
    • Meet with partners and donors;
    • Help to write budgets for funding applications and financial reports to donors;
    • Be on the Board of the ERC
    • Actively participate in ERC email communications and Skype meetings in order to make decisions and shape the work of the Federation in Europe;
    • Monitor and evaluate the work of regional staff, give regular feedback and ask for improvement where necessary;
    • Attend four ERC in-person meetings in two years and be an active team member;
    • Represent WSCF Europe at partner events.

    You can read here about the experience of people who were part of the ERC over last decades.

    To be eligible:

    How to apply: Apply by filling-in this online form.

    Deadline: No deadline, ongoing open role until the next WSCF -Europe Regional Assembly.

    For an informal conversation about the role, contact WSCF-Europe Chair, Zuzana Babicova, at . We are looking forward to receiving your application and any informal email enquiries about the role.


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  2. Call for International Preparatory Committee: “Humanity Reclaimed” Conference, Greece

    We are excited to announce an open call for the members of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) for the youth conference “Humanity Reclaimed: Youth Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion”, that will take place in Greece, in December 2018.

    We are living the reality when discrimination, intolerance, xenophobic attacks, violent extremism, unemployment, underrepresentation and many other challenges fill our daily lives. This is particularly relevant to youth and we need to prepare young people to respond to this harsh reality with the most effective way possible: with humanity! For the WSCF-Europe this is not a new notion – it’s the core to everything we have ever done, but in no way exclusive only to our belief. In fact, it represents a common ground of understanding among people of different faith and belief. Humanity fosters understanding, acceptance and respect for another human being. During the youth conference in Greece, we would like to nurture this concept among young people and promote its wider use as a proactive response to any existing or future challenge. We believe that this is one strong, effective and long-term oriented way forward to raise youth workers, leaders, community members or just citizens.

    The topic and venue of the meeting have been selected on purpose. Thousands of refugees and migrants have been washed away on the shores of Greece in hope for a better life in Europe. These lives, mostly unknown ordinary people, are part of our humanity and by silencing our conscious about their death, we wash away our humanity, too. During the event in Greece, we would like to invite those young people directly affected by all of these challenges and those being in the forefront of protecting human rights of disadvantaged groups, democratic values of our society. The overall aim of the conference is to address challenges in Europe by finding innovative, effective, youth-led solutions. The conference will put youth perspectives at the centre of political debates, and highlight the importance of considering more active use of young people as part of solution.

    If you would like to explore these topics both from local and European perspectives, you are interested to learn and use non-formal educational met

    hods, work within an international team of young people, plan and facilitate the session with invited speakers and field experts, develop new skills, challenge yourself and have a lot of fun – than this project is for you!

    DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 15 July 2018.

    You may access online application form HERE.

    The main responsibilities of the International Preparatory Committee’s members are:

    • Active participation in the regular online meetings before the conference;
    • Participation in the in-person preparatory meeting during August/September 2018 (exact dates to be agreed and finalised by the members of the IPC);
    • Discuss and finalise a thematic framework of the conference and the programme;
    • Plan, review and finalise (at various stages of the project implementation) both methodological and organisational details;
    • Work with the team, fulfil the tasks and contribute to the overall group process and work;
    • Prepare the call and select the participants;
    • Prepare the participants for the conference sending them all the necessary information regarding the programme, providing guidance and support before, during and after the conference;
    • Invite and communicate with speakers, experts, resource persons and partners in accordance with the project aims;
    • Facilitate and lead the sessions of the conference;
    • Do the evaluations of the day and final evaluation of the conference;
    • Help with the reporting of the conference;
    • Help with the promotion of the conference and ensuring media visibility.

    Being a preparatory committee member at a WSCF-Europe conference would offer you:

    • Work in a lively international environment together with other members of the team;
    • Experience and develop your skills in managing of youth projects – preparation, implementation, evaluation, follow up and reporting;
    • Getting familiar with WSCF work, connect with other Christian students and young people in Europe;
    • Explore and learn topic of the conference;
    • Contribute with your own knowledge, experience and expertise;
    • Develop your skills in group work, leadership, facilitation and management;
    • Make connections and friends from all around Europe and have a lot of fun together!

    Timeline and plan of activities:

    • Online work on preparatory tasks and programme (July – December 2018);
    • First in-person preparatory meeting (August/September 2018);
    • Final preparatory meeting right before the conference (December 2018);
    • The conference (December 2018);
    • Evaluation meeting after the conference (December 2018);
    • Help with reporting of the event (December-January 2018).


    The programme of the conference is based on non-formal education and intercultural learning, with some key elements of group work, theoretical inputs, thematic field trip, workshops, presentations, followed by debate and discussion. The programme creates different learning spaces (role plays, simulation games, interactive exercises, plenary sessions, group work, brainstorming and independent reflections) for participants which will be rotated throughout five working days.


    Accommodation, food, travels and visa costs for International Preparatory Committee members will be fully covered.

    The project is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Pavlina Manavskathis one by Annika Foltin, or this one by James Jackson.

    For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact .


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  3. Call for Candidates for the position of “WSCF Europe Fundraising Coordinator”

    for the term 2015-2017

    12669567_1031741976895244_6988290566731930892_n (2)

    Would you find it interesting to work with donors and funds?

    Are you interested in having professional contacts all around Europe?

    This is a great chance to build your professional and inter-personal skills and experience!

    The World Student Christian Federation – Europe (WSCF-E) is a part of a global fellowship of Christian students committed to dialogue, ecumenism, social justice and peace. Now we are seeking a Fundraising Coordinator for our leadership team, the European Regional Committee (ERC).

    As many European youth organisations, especially Christian ones, we are facing major challenges to sustain our financial balance. But where there are challenges, there are also opportunities and so this position is full of exciting potential!

    The main goal of this Coordinator will be to

    • represent WSCF Europe to different (potential) donors;
    • expand our network of national and European contacts to churches, foundations and official institutions;
    • help in developing a regular donation system for Friends of WSCF-E;
    • explore new sources of funding, including crowd-sourcing and online fundraising;
    • frame our work, our goals and visions in a way that is accessible to our both donors and our members alike;

    The role also entails taking a share in the general leadership work of WSCF Europe. This includes the attendance of two in-person meetings of the European Regional Committee per year as well as regular Skype meetings.

    The Coordinator will be supported by the WSCF-E staff in the Regional Office, as well as our Senior Friends network and the WSCF Centennial Fund.

    Participation in WSCF-E events is encouraged and will be fully funded.

    What we are looking for in an ideal candidate:

    • previous experiences in fundraising and donor outreach (whether through your studies or voluntary work)
    • passion for ecumenical dialogue and community-building among young Christians
    • interest in both Christian social justice advocacy and theological reflection and exchange
    • confidence to engage new challenges and find creative solutions
    • reliability and commitment for the position over a term of two years
    • very good English skills
    • desired: personal link to and endorsement by one of our member movements

    If you are interested, please send a presentation outlining your motivation and the skills that you bring to the task of Fundraising Coordinator to the ERC Chair .


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  4. Call for a Photographer Volunteer

    photographer_-_poster2 (1)



    Role:        Photographer Volunteer

    When?    20-25 October 2015 (20th- arrival day, 25th departure day)

    Where?   Litomysl, Czech Republic

    What?     Taking pictures at the conference and statutory meeting of WSCF-Europe.

    Remuneration:     It is a voluntary position, however, all your costs (travel, accommodation, etc.) related to 5 days’ meeting will be covered by WSCF-E.


    What will you get?

    This chance will provide you will an opportunity to use your skills in photography and create high quality visual material capturing moments from our event and statutory meeting.

    What should you have?

    We are looking for someone with passion for photography and experience producing high quality photos, owner of a good quality camera. Ideally, you would be interested in the topic of the conference we organize in inter-religious context.


    Please send us your CV, short motivation letter stating why you would like to be our photographer along with a wide collection of pictures you have taken (maximum 20 pictures). Please send it to Zuzana Babicova by 30 Aug 2015.


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  5. Call for a volunteer to join global Advocacy & Solidarity working group


    Is this opportunity for you?

    Are you interested in human rights, solidarity actions and peace work? Our ecumenical Advocacy and Solidarity Committee could be the place for you! You can nurture your passion and interest and we can give you a chance to work with others across the globe on shared goals. The Europe region is looking for representative to add to the federations global group. Could it be you?

    What does the group do?

    • We are a global group of World Student Christian Federation that works to make the world a better place.
    • We write statements and try to bring dialogue and understanding around the world.
    • We are encouraged by the example of our Lord Jesus Christ

    We have skype calls regularly and are now starting to create our agenda for the next two years and there shall be an in person meeting maybe once a year. You could represent WSCF in other meetings and our partner events.


    How to apply?

    Please send your motivation letter to both Zuzana Babicova () and also Krista Autio () by the 30 August 2015.  For any informal conversation, please email Zuzana or Krista with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


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  6. Newsletter Editor position has opened at WSCF-Europe!

    Newsletter poster-page-001

    You can become one of WSCF Europe’s Editors! You will help us to publish our monthly newsletter to share information, maintain visibility and engage our SCM members. Together with the other Editors, you will help to connect our member movements online and to widen their ecumenical horizons!

    Qualifications / skills required:

    • Excellent command of English writing, spelling and punctuation
    • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and to follow through on assignments
    • Ability to motivate and work with others or the desire to improve yourself in these areas
    • Orientation and basic training provided


    • Assist with the development of yearly plan and timelines.
    • Work with the Communications Officer and the European Regional Committee to determine the content for monthly newsletter
    • Redesign newsletter layout
    • Collect and edit articles for newsletter; and write articles as needed.
    • Submit articles in a timely manner and meet email blast deadlines
    • Proofread the final versions of the newsletter


    • To ensure the topicality and the quality of WSCF Europe social media
    • To ensure that there is a constant stream of freshly selected information in the disposal of WSCF members
    • To engage SCMers in both online content as well as in our “fieldwork”


    In addition to the pride in yourself and heart-warming sense of knowing you have created a stellar newsletter, you will receive:

    • Appreciation and acknowledgement of the talent, hours and energy that you volunteer
    • One free copy of WSCF Europe’s publication Mozaik after each publication
    • A tangible product to add to your portfolio
    • You will have a chance to travel to 1 WSCF Europe’s international conference, travel costs reimbursed by WSCF-Europe
    • You will improve your skills of
      • organisational communication
      • working in virtual teams
      • working with MailChimp and newsletter production software

    Reports to: Your work will be guided by a Communications Officer of the WSCF Europe. The overall work on Communications is supervised by the European Regional Committee (ERC).


    • 5-10 hours monthly
    • October 2015 – June 2016 (with possibility of renewal)

    To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to WSCF-Europe Chairperson Zuzana Babicova at . For any additional information, also contact  .


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  7. WSCF Europe is recruiting a volunteer social media editor!

    Are you a Facebook junkie?
    Interested in ecumenical affairs?
    Do you want to gain valuable social media skills?

    You can become one of WSCF Europe’s Facebook editors! Keep our 1000+ audience on the loop of the most crispy fresh ecumenical and Christian news! Together with the other  Editors, you will help to connect our member movements online and to widen their ecumenical horizons!


    • Candidates should have a Facebook account and be accustomed to using different social media channels throughout a longer timespan
    • Candidates should possess the skills to communicate effectively and sensitively with people from different traditions and cultural backgrounds
    • The candidate should be well-organised and willing to work independently
    • Must be able to communicate and write in fluent English


    Create and / or find content for WSCF-Europe Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and / or other relevant social media channels


    • To ensure the topicality and the quality of WSCF-Europe social media content
    • To ensure that there is a constant stream of freshly selected information in the disposal of WSCF members
    • To engage SCMers in both online content as well as in our “fieldwork”


    • You will receive one free copy of WSCF-Europe’s publication Mozaik after each new publication
    • You will have a chance to participate in one WSCF-Europe’s international conference, fully subsidized  by WSCF-Europe
    • You will improve your skills of
      • organisational communication
      • working in virtual teams
      • organisational PR building and branding

    Reports to:

    Your work will be guided by a Communications Officer of the WSCF-Europe. The overall work on Communications is supervised by the European Regional Committee (ERC).


    • 2-3 hours per week
    • October 2015 – June 2016 (with possibility of renewal)

    Location: anywhere where you can access social media; no office presence required

    To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to by August 10, 2015.
    For any additional information, please contact WSCF-Europe Chairperson Zuzana Babicova at .


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  8. Will you be our new Graphic Design Volunteer?



    Have you got experience in graphic design, skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and sketching abilities?

    Apply to be our graphic design volunteer!

    • Location: work from home
    • Hours: part-time, 0-10  hours per month
    • Start Date: 1 August
    • Duration: 6 months with the possibility to extend for another 6 months
    • Remuneration:  unpaid, non-financial benefit of getting full-funded place on WSCF-E events.

    For more information check out the Job Description. To apply, send your CV and motivation letter to Zuzanna Babicová, The deadline for application is July  20, 2014.


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