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ana-mayoralasAna Fernández-Mayoralas, France/Spain

“It’s amazing how talking with people from different backgrounds and religions can make you realize that there is not a true and only point of view. It’s necessary to listen and to put yourself in the other person’s position and especially, respect each other.”

“Furthermore, I got to know amazing and really interesting people. This is what I enjoyed the most out of everything. Talking and discussing with other people makes you realized that appearances are not always what they seem.We are really influenced by media, our family or culture, but sometimes it’s necessary to forget about your opinion and listen to other’s one. You may find out that you were wrong or that there was a reason behind or that your opinion was biased by your environment.”

JanaYana Karbovska, Ukraine

“Our aim was to discuss a very sensitive and controversial issues on politics and religion. Despite the diversity of opinions we needed to be respectful, attentive and tolerant to each other. By lectures, excursions, group discussions and workshops, also by common life in a great location we have maintained a warm and friendly athmosphere, where we learded to understand and accept all our diversities. This experience will be useful in my environment that becomes more multicultural over the years.”

PavlinaPavlina Manavska, Germany/Macedonia

“Building bridges between young people coming from different places, making connections, getting to know the otherness, meaning learning more about yourself is what WSCF-Europe helped me with and made me realize that I need to become even more active. None of this would have happened if the staff from WSCF-Europe weren’t so supportive and willing to reflect upon all of the participant ideas and work to accomplish them.”

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