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The Universal Day of Prayer for Students is one of the longest established ecumenical events. It was first celebrated on 13 February 1898 at the second meeting of what was then known as the General Committee of the World Student Christian Federation.

The participants of the Federation’s then ten member movements believed that intercessory prayer should be a vital ingredient in the life of a world-wide body of Christian students. During the world wars when it was impossible to hold WSCF meetings, the major bond of unity between those separated from one another by the ravages of war was the annual observance of the Day of Prayer for Students.

For more than a century students and friends of WSCF have observed this Day of Prayer as a way to express their common commitment as witnesses of our faith in God and in each other, to the world both inside and outside our academic communities.

Each year the Universal Day of Prayer for Students liturgy is prepared by one of the six regions of WSCF and is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of February.

UDPS liturgy for 2013 was inspired by the World Council of Churches Assembly theme “God of life, lead us to justice and peace”. WSCF affirms a God of life who leads us away from the powers of death all around us, who has led and continues to lead us to justice and peace. We are committed to doing our best to say “yes” to this reality and to inspire young people around the world to commit their lives to the work of justice and peace. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our friends, within our church communities and in the overall greater society with all who are saying “yes” to God’s mission of justice and peace in the world.

The WSCF global theme for 2012 is Economic Justice and this theme of Economic Justice is concerned with the equitable sharing of God’s given resources in production, consumption and distribution on the one hand and caring for the Earth on the other. It is a call for the eradication of poverty, advocating for just policies in international trade, just and ethical financial policies, promotion of decent work and just remunerations. It is about bridging the gap between the rich and the poor while recognizing the limitless economic growth within a finite planet. It was prepared by the Student Christian Movement in Sri Lanka.

Following the WSCF global theme of Water Justice WSCF joined the World Council of Churches to create a liturgy for their Seven Weeks for Water Campaign. You can read more about the network here.

In line with WSCF’s theme for 2009 the Universal Day of Prayer for Students’ theme is ‘Identity, Diversity and Dialogue’. WSCF’s Middle East Regional Office prepared the 2009 UDPS.

The 2008 Universal Day of Prayer for Students has been prepared by the Inter-Regional Office on the theme of Students in the 21st Century.

The Universal Day of Prayer for Students theme is Migration in line with WSCF’s theme for 2007.

The Universal Day of Prayer for Students focuses on the Gospel and Empire.

This 2005 Universal Day of Prayer for Students liturgy has been prepared by the Latin America and Caribbean Region. It is in memory of the victims of the tsunami that hit South East Asia on December 26th 2004.

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