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People flee their countries to escape violence, conflict and other types of persecution. This issue of Mozaik is dedicated to those who have chosen to make Europe their new home. A diverse range of perspectives on the issue of migration aims to bring an open, critical, but also heart-driven discussion on migrants, their role in the European society and our duty of integrating them. Enjoy the reading!

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James Jackson- Editoral


1. World

Giulia DalmonteInvisible Bonds: Trafficking of Nigerian women in Italy

Angeliki Maria Mitsaki Greek Hospitality: An Ancient History

Naima Dominic Martyrs and Refugees: Christian Persecution in Pakistan

Marta Gustavsson– No Rest for the Innocent: A Picnic attacked by the Police

Natalie Rudnichenko – Emigrants Living Ukraine Behind


2. Mind

Hadje Cresencio Sadje – The Prophetic Imagination in the Age of Refugees

Antonija Potocki – The Church’s Duty to Strangers

Fenna Ten Berge – A Progressive Muslim’s View of WSCF


3. Federation

Necta Montes – Transition Work: Towards a Stable and Sustainable WSCF

Taylor Driggers – ‘Havering’: A Creative Bible Study Exercise

Caitlin Wakefield – How to make your SCM more Inclusive



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