Fundraising can be an overwhelming part of work for Student Christian Movements. We don’t always have the right answers to your questions in the but we want to be able to help where we can.

We hope that these links and articles will be a helpful resource for writing grant applications, searching for new sources of funding and telling your story as an organisation.

Attending a WSCF Europe Conference

Fundraising Pack

We’ve put together this fundraising pack to help you raise the money you need to attend WSCF Conferences and other eventsYou’ll learn tips and hints to raise money towards your participation fee and travel costs for WSCF conferences; Who you can ask for money; How to ask for money; How to write a fundraising letter; Creative ideas for fundraising events; and what you can give back in return for the money you’re given.

Helpful Articles

Fundraising Tips for Student Christian Movements

This short presentation gives some basic tips and pointers on how to create your organisation’s fundraising plan. It explains some different forms of fundraising as well as links to a few resources that will help you in this process.

Social Media for Non-Profits

A basic presentation on how your Student Christian Movement can create a communications strategy that works best for your organisation. A few tips and links about using social media, Twitter and Facebook are also provided.

Finding and Keeping Volunteers

Basic tips and ideas to get you thinking about how to get volunteers and how to keep them.

Please check back soon for  more updated links and articles to come soon. 

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