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Sexual Harassment Guidelines

WSCF Europe is committed to affirming the dignity and integrity of all persons. WSCF Europe and events associated with it are meant to be an open and safe space where we meet each other in Christian community, respecting each other – a place free from intimidation. These guidelines have been developed to raise awareness, to prevent harassment from happening in our midst and address it when it does occur.

Complete Guidelines

This document is primarily intended for members of preparatory committees of events where WSCF Europe is (co-)responsible and for volunteers and staff within the organisation, in order to inform them of our policies and procedures that will be followed in situations of sexual harassment. Please note that this pdf. is available in high quality booklette form. Please email the to have them posted to you.

Sexual Harassment Guidelines Handout

This is a shortened two page document suitable for handing out to all participants at your event.

WSCF Europe Safe Spaces Guidelines

Tips and tools for introducing the idea of a safe spaces for intercultural dialogue and sharing.

Vegetarian Policy

The reasons behind the decision of WSCF-Europe to adapt its vegetarian policy at all WSCF-E events.

Tool-kits and Information Packs

Fundraising Pack

We’ve put together this fundraising pack to help you raise the money you need to attend WSCF Conferences and other events. You’ll learn tips and hints to raise money towards your participation fee and travel costs for WSCF conferences; Who you can ask for money; How to ask for money; How to write a fundraising letter; Creative ideas for fundraising events; and what you can give back in return for the money you’re given.

Toolkit on Inter-Religious Dialogue – Living Faiths Together

The Tool Kit also aims to encourage youth platforms such as National Youth Councils, to explore possibilities for Inter religious dialogue within their work. Finally the Tool Kit also aims to provide trainers with practical information on specific considerations they need to make in the organisation of events that involve religiously diverse groups.

The Tool Kit can be used as a reference for activities, as an information background on the specificities of the monotheistic religions, as a tool for learning about the concept of inter religious dialogue, and as a way of exploring the similarities between the different religions.

Printed versions are available by contacting the WSCF Europe .

COMPASS – A manual on human rights education with young people

COMPASS has been produced within the framework of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe. The programme aims to put human rights at the centre of youth work and thereby to contribute to the bringing of human rights education into the mainstream. It gives infomation about human rights education, contains 49 activities, tips on how to promote human rights and provides essential information about human rights and international standards.

Gender Matters – Manual on gender-based violence affecting young people

Gender-based violence is one of the most widespread forms of human rights abuse and a violation of human dignity anywhere. It is a problem in all the member states of the Council of Europe and affects millions of women, men and children regardless of their social status, cultural or religious background, civil status or sexual orientation. This manual is a resource for working on issues of gender and gender-based violence affecting young people, with young people. It is a reflection on gender and gender-based violence; a background on legal, political and social information; and methods and resources for education and training activities with young people.

Education Pack: all different – all equal

European societies continue to suffer from a growth of racist hostility and intolerance towards minorities. Many people across the continent, through public bodies, non-­governmental associations and local initiatives, are working to try and tackle these problems. The Council of Europe – European Youth Campaign “all different – all equal” against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-semitism and In­to­lerance sought to bring these people together and give extra momentum to the struggle against all forms of intolerance. Although the Campaign itself of­fi­cially closed in 1996, the necessity for continuing the work remains un­di­mi­nished. This pack is an introduction to the situation in europe and intercultural education. It is also a tool-box of methods and activities that can be used for intercultural gatherings and activities that will encourage action.

Resource Pack on Water Justice

WSCF Asia Pacific has put together this pack based on the 2011 WSCF global advocacy campaign on water. It explores water justice and what it means for us as Christian students. Testimonies, prayers, theological discussions, bibles studies, litanies and prayers are all included.

Action and Advocacy for Climate Change – A resource guide for religious communities

This guide is prepared by Religions for Peace. The purpose of this guide is to facilitate multi-religious cooperation for climate change action and advocacy. It is intended for religious leaders and communities (churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, monasteries, religious orders, etc.), prayer and study groups; women’s, men’s and youth groups; faith-based organizations; service providers; religious institutions and individuals. It contains information about how to advocate for climate change action, as well as ideas for local conservation and examples of faith communities already responding to climate change.

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