1. A Quick Re-cap On The Staff And Officers Meeting In Skopje, Macedonia 2014.





    Last week the 2014 WSCF-E staff and officers meeting was held in Skojope, Macedonia. This a meeting held once a year to allow dialogue between the WSCFE-E regional offices and National SCMs.  This year there was participants from 10 different countries. Further to the campaign to keep you more informed about WSCF-E Regional Office here a is a quick re-cap of what happened whilst we were there.

    WSCF-E events are all about meeting people from different countries joining together in Christ .  So each day started and ended  with Worship provided by one of the Participants,  through this we were allowed to enjoy speaking the lords prayer in many different languages, to sing Taize chants and to use lithologies from many different denominations.

    Each day was filled with Workshops around topics important to WSCF-E, workshops included: An Introduction To WSCF-E 2014 campaign Against Xenophobia (reaching out to Asylum seekers)  Discussion around how to improve WSCF-E online presences (You want us to talk more)  A talk about the General Assembly of WSCF-E  (This is where all of WSCF Regions meet to make huge decisions about the future of WSCF ) and a Full day of workshops around fundraising. We had a Workshop from SCM Britain about their fundraising techniques ( Diversification is key). A workshop from a fundraising ( fundraising is all about imagination and creating trust relationships) and we were also luck enough to have our friend “Salters”come to talk about fundraising from our senior friends  ( Past members of SCMs and WSCF-E) and how best to do it.

    Woven our time at the meeting we also got to experience Macedonia through our guide Pavlina Manavska who is a member of the local Youth group at her Methodist church. She Showed us the Many sites Skjope and she Pointed out the Best Bars and Cafes.

    The event left all our staff officers feeling informed and motivated  about the current status of WSCF-E and how to improve it.

    I hope you enjoyed this Re-cap , God bless



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  2. We made it to Skopje!

    Playing cards at Zurich Airport

    Playing cards at Zurich Airport

    Travelling early has different meanings, but waking up at 2:50 AM definitely gives it a special flavour… As Lizzie (SCM Britian Staff Member) would put it: we did not feel quite humane. After all, we made it to Skopje. Sun and +18 degrees! We instantly forgot about all the tiredness.

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  3. What do we have on our plates?

    Hello dear WSCF-E friends,

    How are you? As ERC – the current leadership at WSCF-E are starting to get in touch more with you all to tell you what we as ERC have been up to recently – what we have on our plates –what we are enjoying but also what pose challenges for us. The first message comes from me, the chair, and you may hear also from others in the upcoming months.

    collecting hopes

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  4. Skopje, here we come!

    Checked – in and ready to go! In less than 24 hours together with Lizzie Gawen and Clare Wilkins I am departing to Skopje, FYROM, to take part in the WSCF Staff and Officers Meeting!


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  5. What is new in inter-faith matters?

    It was last November that WSCF-E was invited once again as a member of European Interfaith Youth Network for its gathering. I was representing WSCF-E for the second time, after 2012 meeting in Norway, at this annual summit which took place in Vienna, 22-24 Nov, 2013.

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  6. Why to be involved with WSCF-E at European Regional Committee?

    I have been a member of ERC – the governing body of WSCF-E composed of nine volunteer members in the role of Events Coordinator and later with an add on role of Vice Chair with WSCF-E for the period of 2011-2013. I think everyone with interest in WSCF-E working areas, inter-church relations within charity sector and desire to try new challenge would find this a truly great experience.

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  7. Prostitution & human trafficking


    ‘’To be deceived or taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into slavery.  For sexual exploitation, forced begging, sacrificial worship or removal of human organs, as child brides or into sweat shops, circuses, farm labour and domestic servitude.’’

    (Photo and text source:

    I am so mad about this world, a world where human trafficking is possible. It is a world which we still have to work on!

    I think that prostitution is perhaps one of the oldest professions in the world, but it is one in which women and men are exploited, and where their youth is robbed from them.

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  8. Flash mob yourself!

    Hey all!

    I will write you about our idea for making our seminar even more interesting!

    On 8th of October during our visit in Salzburg we will do a street performance.

    I am a big fan of Flash Mobs – so… we have two days in beginning to prepare our show! Day before we will create proper clothes for that!

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  9. So… let’s have a look on Swedish law in practice

    Hey everyone!

    Today I would like send you an interesting article about how Sweden deals with human trafficking.

    I will quote the most interesting information (for me), but I encourage you to read full article.

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    When I was a child I didn’t like the word “Stop.” it gave me only bad emotions and had a bad influence on me. Stop shouting Stop laughing Stop playing Stop singing… adults use that word in every situation that they don’t like.

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