WSCF LAC Call for Solidarity: Support the persons affected by the hurricane Irma in Cuba

September 20th, 2017 6:49 pm

WSCF Latin America and Caribbean (WSCF LAC) have recently released a call for solidarity asking for support towards dealing with the devastating effects of the hurricane Irma across several cities in Cuba.

The hurricane hit the Republic of Cuba on the 7th September and it is known to be one of the strongest hurricanes ever registered in the Atlantic, with its wind speed reaching up to 295 kilometers per hour. The hurricane led to major human lives and material losses in various countries and islands across the Caribbean.

For Cuba, the hurricane meant:

In response to the hurricane’s devastation, the Movimiento Estudiantil de Cuba (MEC) has mobilised its members to offer support to the persons affected by the hurricane, by providing food and other forms of material support.

In support for MEC’s actions, WSCF LAC has launched a call for donations addressed to all WSCF Friends, SCMs and other partner organizations to raise funds that will be used to support MEC’s work. These donations will be exclusively used to help the most affected areas, including 7 Cuban cities where the student movement will deploy its members and volunteers to offer support particularly to the most vulnerable persons affected by the tragedy, such as children, elders and persons with disabilities.

If you would like to make a donations, you can use one of the following accounts:

BANK NAME: Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay
ADDRESS: Constituyente 1450, 11200 Montevideo, Uruguay +598 2908 2882
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 196-0564029
ATTENTION: LAC Regional Secretary

BANK NAME: Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE)
ADDRESS:: Quai de I’le 17, case postale 2251, 1211, Genève 2,
ACCOUNT NAME: World Student Christian Federation
ATTENTION: LAC Regional Secretary

WSCF Europe stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba and send all the prayers and good wishes to their way. We would also like to congratulate MEC and WSCF LAC for their initiative and to encourage our Friends, SCMs and other partners to consider donating and supporting this initiative.

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