Universal Day of Prayer For Students (UDPS), 18th February

February 14th, 2018 6:51 pm

Dear SCMers, Senior Friends and Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are pleased share with you the Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) 2018 guide. Please find attached the English version. This year, we invite you to pray together, organize bible study sessions and group discussions on the theme on Ecological Justice “Embracing the Challenge: A Different World Is Possible,” using this guide. This UDPS guide contains worship/liturgical material, songs, bible study guides and student’s reflections from our Latin America and the Caribbean movements on the theme.

Our chosen theme this year speaks of our conviction and hope as a WSCF community that despite the challenges of climate change and the result of the continuing exploitation of our ecology, there is a different world that we can build, a world that is just, equitable and sustainable for all. It will only be possible if we embrace the challenge of Ecological Justice, of doing our share at the personal and communal level to change our consumerist lifestyle, to protect our environment from predation and extractive activities and to speak truth to power.

Finally, let us come together in prayer as a global fellowship through the UDPS to confess our complicity to the destruction of our ecology, seek forgiveness for our sins against the environment and to pray for God’s guidance and thanksgiving for the gift of the life and the Oikoumene. We invite you to share this UDPS material to your members and churches.

This year’s UDPS Guide was prepared by our colleagues from the WSCF Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) region, led by our Executive for LAC and Director for Ecological Justice Program, Marcelo Leites.  Please get in touch with Marcelo:  and visit their website: http://www.fumec-alc.org to learn more about our work on Ecological Justice. They have wonderful resource materials and information you are welcome to share. Muchas gracias a todos!

In Christ,

Necta Montes, General Secretary

Marcelo Leites Regional Executive for LAC and Director for Ecological Justice  Program

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