In solidarity with the Jewish community in Europe

May 28th, 2014 3:59 pm

Dear members and friends of Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network (RfP, EIYN).

In the light of the tragedy at Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, where 4 people were killed, we call our EIYN member organizations to show your solidarity with Jewish community in different parts of Europe and join us in prayers for those who lost their lives, for the recovery of those injured and prayers for restoring sense of security and peace for all faith communities in Europe. This attack on Jewish community of Brussels touched all of us, as this was an aggression on core values of civil society, on human rights, on European unified project, on freedom of religion, on peace. We cannot stay silent when a faith community, a minority community is targeted in this way in contemporary Europe, in capital of European Union and lives are lost.

What can you do? We inspire you to hold within your respective communities, your temples or student clubs, a special Peace Candle Lighting and Prayer Ceremony . Light the candles for the victims of the shooting and light the candles to lift up the darkness with the light, reciting prayers for peace. Prayers can be denominational (just of your own tradition) or interfaith. You can find examples of such prayers in attachment. Best time for organizing such an evening of peace prayers would beWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday, Sunday this week.

Other idea:

To organize a cultural or educational event together with your local Jewish community. It can be any intercultural event when you get together with your local Jewish students group and students of other faiths too (food event, charity event, cultural evening of music, anything). If you don’t have any Jewish community in your city, maybe you have an old synagogue building that you can visit with members of your community, or visit a Jewish museum? If in your town you can witness hate speech on walls of the buildings, maybe you can organize “paint over hate spray paintings” action, like painting over painted swastikas and other hate speech sprayed on the walls.

If you do any act of solidarity, take a photo of it, and send it to us, let others know about your action.

Show your solidarity!  Let’s support each other and get together and act together in interfaith way for stopping hate speech, antisemitism and other racist incitement, that is raising its head in Europe and that lead to such hate crimes like we witnessed in Brussel’s Jewish Museum.


Daniela Malec

Program and Development Consultant

Religions for Peace, European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN)

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