Creative Worship

June 23rd, 2014 10:15 am

Dear God, who created the heavens and the earth.

You created humanity in your own likeness. Let us not forgot that each person reflects the divine image, and we thank you that you teach us to recognize this. We thank you for our own safety,and for those who have so far been saved from the evil of human trafficking. We thank you for the strength you have given to people who are fighting against this corruption of your image.

As you led y our children out of Egypt, w e ask you to lead victims of all kinds of slavery and exploitation to freedom, both spiritual and material.

We ask that you give peace to the souls of the victims, that they can escape the circle of violence and we ask for justice in your infinite wisdom. We ask for the exploiters to recognize their sins,and to change their ways through your grace.

We pray for the awareness of society at large and ourselves, and that we can recognize the roots of injustice in our own actions and inactions, as Moses did when he saw when his Israelite brother was being beat en by an Egyptian slave master.

We have been t aught in the Epistle t o t he Galatians that there is no more slave nor free, and yet through our own ignorance and cold-heartedness we have failed to recognize the exploited as our brothers and sisters, as Jesus showed us. For this we pray for forgiveness.

Together we pray, that you send the mercy of your spirit onto the whole of humanity, we who are your children.


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