Appeal from SCM Nepal

November 12th, 2015 9:38 pm

AP regionDear SCMers,

Greetings from the SCM Nepal!

I am writing this letter to share and update  the present situation of Nepal with you all, as the International media is not covering the plight of  people in Nepal. Of course Nepal got it’s international attention when the country was hit by the most catastrophic earth quake in April this year. The ordinary people suffered the most when the whole country was devastated by the earth quake. Gradually people gathered strength to start rebuilding their lives.

Recently Nepal was again in the international  media briefly when the country adopted a new constitution and   elected the first female president. Amidst this joyous celebrations, you all might have watched some news on violence erupted after the new constitution was adopted. Some section of the country’s population opposed the new constitution and gradually the adverse reactions towards the constitution  has divided the people over various concerns. The minority communities in Nepal  are not happy with the  new provincial seven boundaries, and  the biased policy towards women which restricts them from marrying a non Nepali man, as her children will not be accepted as a citizen of Nepal. They are concerned that these new laws will marginalized their political presence in the country.  Many groups came to the street to protest against the newly adopted constitution. On the other hand, there are other section of people including the youth who welcomed the new constitution.

Since then Nepal is witnessing ethnic violence and the country is becoming more divisive after the new constitution was adopted. Today Nepal is battling one of its worst fuel shortages in decades as its border with India — from where the country imports all of its fuel — remains allegedly blocked, keeping off essential supplies too. The crisis is the result of the fallout of the country’s new constitution, as mentioned above.  It is reported that India has a role of  blocking the border with its northern neighbor, though the Indian officials have denied this charges.

The ordinary people have been facing a  hard time for more than a month due to shortage of fuel, especially petrol and diesel, in the country. There have been long queues of vehicles, motorcycle, cars, taxis, buses and trucks at the limited petrol pumps, especially those run by the army, police and Sajha Cooperatives, which have been distributing fuel. One can easily understand how agonizing it is to have to line up for hours even to purchase a necessary commodity that must be easily available. And this is not the first time that the people are suffering of the ‘unpredictable’ crisis. They have to suffer and face this problem  every two or three months for the  same problem  for which they are not responsible.

The people of Nepal are becoming restless of not getting supplies/ food, fuel and daily commodities due to blockades in the India – Nepal boarder. There is a growing concerns of anti Indian and anti Nepalese sentiments going on in Nepal and India and we are very much concerned abut this. There are already around 40 people killed during the violence since September. We are concerned of the people as many Indian origin people living in Nepal and the Nepalese origin living in India and their lives are at risks.

Therefore, we, Nepal Student Christian Movement want to appeal to all member of WSCF and SCMs to uphold the people of Nepal and India into your prayers, so the situation will not intensify further.

We also request our SCM friends in India to initiate dialogue and create safe environment for the Nepalese community living in India, and share our problem with the people of India to bring pressure to the Indian government to find a solution to allow the vehicles to bring the supplies to Nepal

We request the International community of WSCF to write to the Indian consulates/ embassies in your countries to bring pressure to the Indian government to release the supplies and intervene to resolve the conflicts between different communities in Nepal.

As students and youth movement we raise  this concerns and our voices  to bring your attention for necessary actions.


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Thank you for your support.


Rajesh Rai


Nepal Student Christian Movement



Download a PDF version of the appeal to print and share in your SCM.

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