Save The Date 4th Assembly Of The CSC CALL-Network ( Church Action On Labour And Life)

March 17th, 2014 1:49 pm

Read about this cool conference from the Conference of European Churches.


Bridges between hope and reality –
overcoming imbalances in Europe


Rome – Italy, 22 to 24 September 2014


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Sisters and Brothers,

From Monday 22 September to Wednesday 24 September, the CALL-Network will hold its 4th Assembly in Rome.

CALL stands for “Church Action on Labour and Life”. The CALL Assembly brings together delegates from Churches and Church organisations across Europe who work on or are concerned with social problems relating to labour and economy. They will exchange experiences and share ideas from various countries, thus helping the churches to learn from each other and make their voice heard together in the European context.

in the last two years the CALL-Network worked with its working groups on

·        Precarious work;

·        Sustainable economy; and

·        Youth unemployment.

Under the headline “Bridges between hope and reality – overcoming imbalances in Europe” the Assembly will:

evaluate the work done ;

discuss the present social and employment situation in Europe in the working areas of CALL;

visit concrete projects on this topic in Rome; and

seek for an international perspective in a meeting with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO).

Finally the Assembly will facilitate to envisage new common projects and cooperation in and for the CALL-Network, also including the use of EU-funds and EU-programmes.


for more information have a look at the attached a Draft programme  of the Assembly and an Information Leaflet on the CALL-Network. WSCF-E if you are intrested in attending this confrence. 






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