Pip’s Poems;

February 3rd, 2015 10:09 am

Pip’s Poems

I try to live a faith that is Christian in love,

Buddhist in compassion,

Muslim in Prayer,

Jewish in mysticism

Sikh in Service

Marxist in Equality

Hindu in Inclusivisity

Ba’Hai in Nationalism

Pagan in Nature

Dionysian in worship

Zorastian in Fire


Our Prophets spoke of Love,

with the wisdom from above,

The Earth is bleeding,

its time for healing,

we are one human race,

so look beyond my face,

Separation is just an illusion

Now its time for fusion.

France the Land of Liberty,

needs to respect her minority

Sarkozy thinks its OK to send the Roma away;

But that is not the way, we want to behave

Belgium Brussels your the HQ.Romanian People we love you;

If you crave a gloomy hour,

Read a little Schopenhauer

Germany’s got Marx and Nietzsche

An explosion in my head something to free me,

Czech’s got Prague and Kafka

Slovakia’s got the Tatras;

Macedonia has poetry I want to know more;

Thank you to the Latvian who opened our door,

Britain’s got royalty and afternoon tea,

Italy Berlusconi, will they ever be free?

Iceland has beauty but she ran out of Cash

Banks asked for it back and she sent them ASH

Bosnia gave us such hospitality;

Thank you all for listening to me’.
Composed with inspiration of Grégoire Vuilleumier at the Fundamentalism or Responsible Citizenship conference, Sarajevo 2010.

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