Mozaik 25 The Powers that Be

August 9th, 2012 2:54 pm

The Powers that Be, stems from the theme, Religion, Ethics and Politics: God and the Use of Power, It is a forum examining how Christian faith demands a radical renegotiation of political relationships and how our faith, as student activists, interacts with power structures. What does it mean to live in solidarity with those at the fringes of society? How can we seek social justice? How can we challenge those in power to be responsible for the whole of society? How would we act if we had more power? Vaclav Havel (Czech playwright, essayist, dissident and politician) once said, “I am not interested in why man [sic] commits evil; I want to know why he [sic] does good”. May the articles and contributions in this issue remind you why we do good, why we carry on

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Jill PIEBIAK- Editorial

The Powers that Be

Markus OJAKOSKI – Would Jesus Run for Parliament or Lead a Protest?
Can politics be sufficient for improving the world or do we need to move beyond traditional political involvment?

Jose Mari CUARTERO – The Sovereign Power versus the Christian Power
How revolutionary is Christianity? Is Christian power relevant today?

Marta Helena GUSTAVSSON – The Protestant Guilt: On Subjectivity and the Market from an Ecumenical Perspective
The church needs to embrace globalisation and find a way to communicate an alternative to individualism and consumption.

Dr. Peter LODBERG – Church and State through History
Follow the development of Church-State relations in Europe from the Middle Ages to modern day.

Margriet WESTERS – Rather Turkish than Papist?: Dutch Debates on Religious Diversity
A case study on the “Party for Freedom” in the Netherlands and anti-religious sentiment in the Netherlands.

Janko STEFANOV – Peaceful Life in a Land of War: Religion and the Balkan Conflicts
A personal reflection on growing up in a multi-religious region of the Balkans.

Liturgy: Rosie VENNER – “I am Making All Things New”
Acknowledging and confessing the power that many of us hold.

From the Archives: Jean-Francois DELTEIL – Commitment to Community Building: A Primary Task for the Federation in Europe
The face of the WSCF in the 1990s.


Matthew GARDNER – The Exception Becomes the Rule
The distinction between liberal democracy and totalitarian dictatorship is not as clear-cut as we like to think.

Lawrence MASHUNGU – Being Church in a Nation in Crisis
A closer look at the Churches prosecution by the state of Zimbabwe.

Religious Freedom

Statement on Religious Freedom from WSCF Europe Lingua Franca
WSCF Europe and the Lingua Franca participants call for religious freedom to be recognised as a human right.

Geraldine FAGAN – Forum 18 News Service: A Journalist Monitoring Religious Freedom
An investigative reporters experience telling stories of religious freedom in Belarus and Russia.

Mediation: Free to Worship – A Lectio Divina
A refelection on Math 18: 18-20 “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them”.


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