Budapest to Berlin

April 11th, 2012 3:54 pm

It has been quite a time of transitions for WSCF Europe over the past half year. Following the European Regional Assembly, Katka Babicova (Regional Secretary Interim) and Jill Piebiak (Publications Assistant) returned to Budapest to prepare to move the office to Berlin.

Thousands of papers were sorted; Central European SubRegion books were graciously taken to Slovakia by volunteers; the archives were sent across the Atlantic to Yale Divinity School joining the archives of the whole federation; and a van was loaded full of Mozaiks and office equipment bound for Berlin.

Before saying goodbye to the Budapest office, students, senior friends and former staff came together for a Bon Voyage party. It was a great night looking at pictures, story-telling and talking about the future with people from many generations of WSCF. People travelled from Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and, of course, Hungary to wish the office farewell.

The staff (and former staff) of WSCF Europe cannot express enough gratitude to all the students and senior friends who offered us support since 2004, translation, heavy lifting, heater fixing and your friendship. Their hospitality will be missed!

The actual office move was an adventure to say the least. Katka and Jill were hosted in a Dominican monastery outside of Bratislava after the van had some complications. Former WSCF Europe Chairperson, Mirka Bukovinska, joined the trip in Prague only to get lost in the Czech mountains late at night. Thankfully, after a well-deserved Christmas break, the office staff are slowly settling into the new office and German life-style.

2012 will continue to bring transitions for WSCF Europe. The new ERC has had their first meeting in their new roles. A new website is up and running after many months of preparation. Mozaik has a new look and so does the coming Lingua Franca project this summer.

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