Lingua Franca Programme

The Lingua Franca Programme is part of the thematic work that WSCF-Europe does. The key part of the programme is a yearly, week-long camp organized in Central or Eastern Europe for students with limited financial resources. Participants come from different Christian denominations and from Eastern and Central European countries. The Lingua Franca Programme’s primary aim is to provide a space for language learning, cultural exchange, ecumenical encounter and ecumenical leadership training. Simple English language is used. It is organized in spring/summer, most of the times outside of most university term times.

Lingua Franca was set up in 1991 by WSCF-Europe and EYCE (Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe). The two international youth organisations wanted to show their support for the great changes and developments that were taking place in Eastern and Central Europe at the time, and to assist the youth and student initiatives that were beginning to take shape in those areas.

Two key-areas where support could be offered were identified:

• Language training, as a means of helping to break down linguistic barriers between East and West.
• Leadership training, to assist movement building in Eastern and Central Europe.

Over the past twenty years and more, WSCF-Europe organised, as part of lingua Franca, language courses for youth and student organisations in Eastern and Central Europe – Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Serbia, Czech Republic – and for their members. The courses were taught by students and young people from Western and Northern Europe, some from Greece and Italy, and also from the USA and Australia.

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The work of WSCF-Europe is financially supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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