Participants of ERA are mostly representatives of SCMs who together with the ERC have voting rights. There is a number of other delegates who will participate and aid the ERA processes in resource capacity without voting right. There will be a team of resource persons- pastoral care person and prayer leader – Are Kaspersen, PR and photographer- Ellis Tsang and Annette Klinke as SCM Germany staff member. Europe region committee is very happy to have also 3 international SCMers from other regions of the Federation – from Chile, the US and Indonesia – who come to the conference and participate at the ERA. Their presence shall aid our cross regional relations and mutual learning.

ERA programme



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Electing new Europe regional committee members shall be an important part of this statutory meeting. All candidates will present themselves at the ERA and secret ballot will be used for voting process. The deadline for receiving applications is 20 October. Consider yourself for applying. Anyone from affiliated and associated member movement can apply!

Europe region governance laws


Signpost "Governance"

ERA will be a space to consider changes to our governance principles described in the Europe region By-laws. ERC released in July 2015 a document suggesting changes which concern improvement of processes of WSCF-Europe. ERA will discuss them and vote on them. You can find document below, in the Reference Material section.




Prayer time will also constitute important element of ERA as an event where we gather as a community to plan and decide about the future of WSCF-Europe. ERA will have a special dedicated person Are Kaspersen for pastoral care and he will also lead prayers and will organise prayers with us, participants. Please get in touch with Are at by 19 October if you wish to help with music playing, singing or helping in any way. We are looking forward to creating beautiful prayer time with your skills and gifts.

Creating thematic guidance for WSCF-E 2015-17

thematic direction

At ERA, more than 1/2 day shall be dedicated to envisioning the organisational and thematic direction for WSCF-Europe. There shall be 5 thematic groups: Theology and Spirituality, Eco Justice, Inter-faith, Advocacy and Solidarity & Gender. In addition, there shall be 3 organisational working groups: Fundraising, Regional Networking and Global Networking.

SCM and Regions sharing


Saturday evening, 24th Oct, shall be dedicated to sharing what each SCM does. Please bring promotional materials – leaflets, publications, etc. as well as food which represent your country to have a nice evening and learning experience. Contact Maria Kozhinova at for any help and questions. We look forward to your presentations.

Reference material

WSCF-Europe 2013-2015

ERA 2015*

* Please note that all ERA 2015 materials will be provided to all ERA participants in printed version in Litomysl, therefore you do not need to print them at home.

Any questions or need help? Contact Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-Europe Chairperson at

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