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October 25th, 2018 5:38 pm

Francesca Vincenzi was an intern for WSCF-Europe for a couple of months in 2017/18, working on communications and office administration. Francesca is from Italy and studies linguistic intermediation for tourism and business at the university in Trento.

My name is Francesca, I’m actually studying in Trento and today I  want to share with you my experience within WSCF-Europe. This  started at the beginning of my third year of university, in particular when  I had  to think about the possibility to have an internship with an organisation and, through a friend of mine, I heard about WSCF-Europe.

I remember that I felt a little bit anxious when starting, because it was my first working experience  and I was afraid of doing something wrong. But as soon as I started to work there, my fears disappeared. Even if  the team of the organisation is basically worldwide and the communication through video-conferences is sometimes hard, all the members made me feel comfortable.

The tasks that I had to do during this internship were varied and included also activities that I have never done before,  but the staff always explained me the procedures and supported me – I looked after the communication work with the participants and other members of the team, I focused on accounting activities and updated social media contents: actually the most satisfying aspect of these activities was the immediate feedback that I received after my work.

I would recommend this experience for all those who want to approach the labour market, because working with WSCF-Europe taught me to discover and use some new modern and technological devices, to pay attention to details and to cooperate; nowadays all these aspects  just  mentioned  represent  indispensable requirements among many companies.

World Student Christian Federation – Europe
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