How I started as WSCF-E Capacity building coordinator

February 24th, 2016 12:36 pm

Armine Babajanyan is 26 years old and lives in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2008 she attended a WSCF conference in Berlin on Christianity and Politics. In 2012 she was on the prepcom of “Gender: Revised!?” event in Budapest. She is a member of Armenian Apostolic Church youth movement.

I have joined European Regional Committee (ERC) in October 2015. The role of Capacity building coordinator is new both for me and for WSCF-E. So it turned out that we have to adapt to each other. Although during last three years I followed WSCF-E on Facebook and read its news on the website, I felt I need more information on the structure, history, recent events and future goals. ERC, and especially Zuzka and Natia, helped me a lot by sharing with me useful information (meeting minutes, reports, etc.) It was all very interesting, but as I did not have a chance to participate to WSCF events in recent years, I felt I am lacking something.

Luckily, ERC meeting in Helsinki followed shortly after holidays. I met this group of people, with whom we were having regular calls, discussing on-going projects and shared some updates. And I finally understood: I was lacking the feeling of actually being part of this wonderful community. I was lacking the spirit of WSCF. But there we were, discussing projects, trying to find the best methods, thinking on new possibilities. There was the spirit of WSCF, which brought all of us from different countries and denominations around one table; young people who were trying to respect each other cultural differences, beliefs and thoughts. During those days WSCF made another step towards building a peaceful future.

As my first step towards integration in European Regional Committee was to collect as much information about it as possible, I asked Natia for recent Mozaik editions. I was especially interested in the edition of 2013 “Who is your neighbor?”, a piece which focuses on solidarity, as ERC decided that the thematic focus in 2017 will be “No hate speech”. I started reading the articles on the way back and could not hide my tears. People were sharing personal experiences, interviews, projects, telling how stereotypes can hurt and damage our lives. Consequently, “No hate speech” has now a new meaning for me. People, who are being hurt, are not just someone in TV or in magazine. These are my peers, living in different countries, living in humiliating environment and trying to get over the difficulties. And I want to stand beside them. I want to contribute to projects, which aim convincing us, people of the world, that there is no “good”, there is no “bad”. There is just “different”, with all its beauty in diversity.

So yeah, this is how it all started. Now I am full of confidence and eager and hopefully in 2 years I will say, “ok, I did it. Maybe it is just a step, but I did it”.

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