Happy Birthday SKY!

April 24th, 2017 12:23 am

Our Finnish SCM, SKY-FKS, has celebrated its 120th anniversary on April 22, 2017. The General Secretary of SKY, Katri Jussila, fills us in on what SKY is all about.

What does 120th anniversary mean to SKY?

SKY has been involved in Church and Society for 120 years. Long history means a lot, we have been involved in many and made many new openings in the history. People’s equality, environmental issues, interfaith dialogue, and international solidarity have been sky´s themes since the 1980’s and still are. Many of the activities currently used by the Church have been spring up from SKY’s activists, including campus ministries, Finnish confirmation schools, and the first Easter walks Via crucis 1987 spring up from sky’s activists. Sky has been involved in many, and often speak out with the first ones about social justice and the related themes. It’s amazing that we are an active organization for active students to speak out about the society themes what are current of their time. Due to the long history, we are a well-known actor in the ecclesiastical field.

How being a member of a global federation has shaped SKY as a student christian movement?

On the global level, we have often received influences and themes what are been unknown in Finland. International influences also bring refreshing value in our activity. The global federation is a strong support that gives more power to speak out injustice and to protect the discriminated. The ecumenism of the global movement is a great spiritual asset that adds to the spirituality of the movement a valuable addition. International and ecumenical learning is also an important issue that will also be retained in the future. Providing these learning opportunities for new activists is valuable.

Katri Jussila, Interim General Secretary

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