An update about Global Staff & Officers’ Meeting

September 3rd, 2015 7:39 am

In the beginning of August the WSCF Global staff and officers had an in-person annual meeting in Birmingham. This year our meeting was especially important as we are going through the transition period that poses some major challenges and opportunities for us. Together with the Transition Team members, we worked on the strategic planning for the next quadrennium, including thematic areas and programmes, governance, management and operational structures, finances and fundraising. A week-long work on sharing and planning was stemmed from the decisions of the General Assembly in Bogota and the recommendations of the Transition Team. We also looked at the challenges and achievements of the Federation over the last four decades. Thus, learning from the past and analysing current state of the Federation, we were guided by the facilitator to focus on strategic planning for the next four years.


Throughout our staying in Birmingham, we enjoyed warm hospitality, care and support from SMC Britain, our member movement in the UK. Here to shout out a massive thank you to Hilary, Lizzie, Lisa, Clare and all others for their warm welcome, wonderful tea breaks, dinners out and for all the fun and joy we had during those days.


It was great opportunity to meet many SCM members, senior friends, partners from the UK and to reconnect within the WSCF family. It was particularly encouraging to see all six regions working in a team on a shared vision. Impressive progress made so far by the Transition Team has been enriched by further reflections and comments. Believe me, we did not stop talking about the work even during delicious dinner times :)


And, all this beautifully coincide with the celebrating 120 years anniversary of the WSCF and we were able to mark this significant moment in unity. We felt blessed and encouraged to remember our history and the importance of our work and solidarity with each other worldwide.

Natia Tsintsadze

WSCF-E Regional Secretary


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