Getting back to our SCM Paris & the Europe regional committee internal meeting

March 20th, 2015 3:50 pm


In summer 2014 we chose Paris as the  place for our next operational meeting. We choose Paris because it was a very long time since we had been there for any event nor meeting. Last time WSCF Europe was in Paris was in 2007 when we organised a conference . It took us some time to reconnect in fact 8 years! We were contacting various people on Facebook along with our official contacts for some time and eventually we got to speak to SCM Paris. They very generously helped us with our stay in a wonderful student dormitory facility. Patrizia, the dormitory manager, was particularly helpful and responsive to our needs for which we are very grateful. So our stay was secured and we the ERC, went to Paris on 14 Jan 2015.


Between summer 2014 and winter 2015, a lot of things happened and changed in WSCF-E Life which we were brought  to the meeting  as well as planning the next 1,5 years.  One thing we were all looking forward to was meeting for the first time our new regional secretary, Natia Tsintsadze she started working for us  in October 2014. You can read more about Natia here

ERC1What did we work on?
At the meeting we discussed many important areas of our work one of these was – getting funds for our events, which is increasingly more and more difficult, a very relatable subject to all who read this I suspect.  But we are not down and actually this situation makes us all the more creative. Along with fundraising and events, we were preparing for General Assembly as well as with many areas of our work that we want to improve as there is a lot of ideas among us but at times urgent matters hold us from implementing them. One step toward our improvement needs is by working more with all WSCF friends who can help us with their time and talents. Hence in spring 2015 we will be releasing many calls for interns to join our team from whichever country you live. So look at our website! It is a great opportunity to gain skills and help WSCF-Europe to flourish. We have already two such interns.

A lot of our time and energy was also taken by a rather dramatic situation at the global financial level of the Federation. As we are dependant on the IRO given the fact that our Regional salary is paid by them , we started to tackle this issue and think through how to stabilise our regional work and  as well as the Federation. This became a priority and this was also a reason why we cancelled our gender event for which not enough money was fundraised




SCM Paris

SCM Paris hosted our meeting and it was truly wonderful. We were impressed by the activities they do and diversity which is present among there people that goes even beyond Christianity yet maintains its traditional protestant core present in its name” Association des Etudiants Protestants de Paris”. “Charlie Hebdo events” testify this initiative as we saw in SCM Paris in mid Jan 2015.


Fun and workin Paris

On one evening, we met with many students from the movement and SCM manager, Patrizia. We re-introduced ourselves and invited SCM Paris to be again part of our events for students. We had a really good exchange on what has happened in both organizations since 2008. We all hope that we meet some students at our next event in October 2015. :) Hope to see you there SCM Paris! Thanks again to Patrizia Glaizal, Salma Charaf and Elena   Andreescu who helped us a lot and warmly welcomed us in Paris.

Written by our  chair Zuzka Babicova

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