From Chile to Czech Republic: Religion & Politics Conference experience sharing

November 11th, 2015 3:56 pm

Luis Aranguiz is a member of SCM Chile. He is a member of the Protestant church. Luis has a degree in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics. Nearing his 25th birthday, Luis enjoys little pleasures of life, like drinking tea, reading poetry, and riding bike.
Luis’ testimonial follows the Religion and Politics conference in Czech Republic in October 2015.

To be part of the event “Religion & Politics”, organized by WSCF and EUJS has been one of the best experiences of my life. I came from Chile as a member of SCM in Santiago and had many questions about this topic. So, to be involved in this event was a great opportunity to learn, discuss about political issues and to improve my understanding on the topic. Besides, it is very important to note that the event also gave me the opportunity to meet with a lot of people that has if not the same, at least similar questions. That was so strengthening to me to continue in this path.

On the other hand, the European Assembly of WSCF was an important space to me as member of Chilean SCM, especially because it gave me the opportunity to feel part of a bigger community of believers that I didn’t know personally, but also and most important, to feel part of a group of friends. Also it was important to realize in situ that there is a lot of people in different places of the world working hardly and seeking the same thing, the Kingdom of God. That brings hope.

Two personal experiences that I won’t forget are, by one side the possibility to have a real space of ecumenism. In Chile it occurs on other levels, but to have the opportunity to share with young people of different Christian confessions was a very nurturing experience. Another one that is related with this, is the possibility to learn about different cultures, to share different points of view about our diverse Christian spirituality. So even though Christianity is divided in many aspects, this kind of spaces are special because there we can see that we can still be one in Christ.

This both events also mean a challenge. And perhaps this is the most important thing to me. It was like a training. So, the challenge is to translate everything I’ve learnt to contribute in my context. There are young Christian people interested on this kind of conversations, so what I have taken from this amazing experience is also useful for another people here. Even though Chilean reality is very different to European, it is also possible to work in building bridges between young people of different Christian confessions and to share about our national reality and think on how we has Christians can contribute to do it a better place.

I only can say thanks to everyone who made these events possible.

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