First impressions from the Study Session 2016

May 10th, 2016 10:21 pm

Greetings from European Youth Centre Budapest – here for the study session “Let’s talk about sexuality”. Here, Niels Gade from Denmark, shares his experiences about the meeting.

Niels, what was the most interesting thought you have discovered because of yesterday’s discussions or encounters?

One thought is that in cultures where same-sex marriage is currently legalised, pastors reserve the right to not officiate marriages between said couples. That they have the right and may opt not to do this, is largely frowned upon by many and seen as discriminatory – but is that a fair critique? Would forcing pastors to perform same-sex marriages when it is against their conviction not in itself be an unjust limitation of theological convictions in the church?

The most shocking gender stereotype from other cultures/countries that you have discovered during today’s “gender-in-a-box” discussion?

Apparently, ‘curry’ is a desired quality in the ideal woman..?

Name three of your new favourite foods or drinks from other countries – from yesterday’s international banquet?

– Ajvar, which is forever my favourite.
– Baklava, which is to die for.
– Italian wine from Sicily. It is wine, after all.


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