First days in WSCF-E

June 20th, 2017 3:00 pm

Hi, everyone!!

I am Maria and I have just started working as a Communications Officer in WSCF-E. I am so happy to be part of this and I will do my best not to disappoint. :)

The past weekend I have attended a meeting of our Preparatory Committee for one of our conferences, in Dublin, Ireland, and have had the chance to meet WSCF-E’s amazing people (or at least some of them). At the beginning, I was rather nervous about the handover and the meeting and being all new to this, but oh, how useless those worries were! I have never felt more welcome in an organisation and have never made friends with my colleagues faster than I did this weekend! So, I am super, super excited to be part of the WSCF family!

As a passionate blogger, I was really happy to see that I will also be able to post on WSCF-E’s blog. So, just so you know it, I get really excited about cats and trips in the mountains and I love to see people caring about each other. I also love books and could write overwhelmingly long blog posts about books of Russian authors that I am in love with (challenge me on this, and I will show you my 2500 words post about on Dostoievski’s ‘Brothers Karamazov’).

I own a diary of ‘kindness acts’, in which I write every 2-3 days, or whenever I encounter random, small or large, nice gestures that people do for each other. Since I am starting to use this blog today, I was thinking it would be nice if I moved that diary online, so that I can share with you those little acts that always lighten up my day. So keep an eye on it! :)

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