Joint Consultation: Being Church in Europe Today, Ecclesiology & Migration

December 20th, 2016 9:02 am

Pavlina Manavska, 26, living and working in Cologne Germany, WSCF Europe campaign/event coordinator.  Methodist. Macedonian

From 8-10 of December, WSCF-Europe was invited to take part at the consultation of CCME The Churches Commision for Migrants in Europe and CEC, Conference of european Churches discussing upon the topic Being Church in Europe today, focusing on the migration and ecclesiology.

It was a privillege to be part of this consultation, to experience how different churces from different areas with their passionate leaders who have dedicated themselfs towards a common goal,  to not hold on to what divides us, but to go forward together with what unites us as One in Christ. There were around 30 church leaders and representatives from different churches and different countries in Europe and once again all of us were remainded that Jesus Christ is our chief cornerstone and as Christ-like churches we ought to be more open for collaboration, caring for one another as we walk this journey together.

We had productive meeting with few presentations, we got an introduction upon the document published by WCC, “The Church- towards a Common Vision” and working groups where we got to discuss and brainstorm about certain issues that different churches are facing. For WSCF-Europe as ecumenical organisation it is of essential importance to communicate with the churches in Europe, to get closer contacts and get to know the needs in order to support and join in different campaigns.


Participants of the consultation on migration and churches in Europe, Copenhagen, 8-10 December 2016. ©CEC

Read joint press release from the Conference of European Churches, Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe, and the World Council of Churches here.

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