Yulia Bajelidze

YuliaYulia Bajelidze(Georgia)

Advocacy and Solidarity Committee (ASC) member

My name is Yulia and I come from Georgia. I did my undergraduates in International Relations & Diplomacy and then a masters’ degree in Political Science at Stockholm University and University of Warsaw.

I got involved in my national SCM in 2007 where I have been volunteering as the International Programs Coordinator for the last six years. My amazing journey with WSCF made a start in Berlin, 2010. Since then, I have been lucky to attend a number of WSCF-E events and served as a member of the Preparatory Committee of a conference on the topic of Xenophobia and Migration in Europe held in Velletri, Italy in 2012. I engaged at WSCF global level when I stood as a proxy for a member of the WSCF Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee in 2014. That precious experience made me to realize that this was sort of work I would happily dedicate my time and energy on. Through these years, I have met people from various cultural, national, religious, political and personal backgrounds and I really learned a lot from them. For me it is enormously valuable that this community always teaches how to trust people regardless of their religious differences; how to stay open and tolerant in dialogue despite sensitivity of topics we discuss. I always like to challenge my visions and in this regard the WSCF gatherings considerably enriched my life.

I am happy to be selected as a WSCF Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee member and in the next years I hope to bring new approaches and impulse to advocacy and solidarity work. I believe in the huge potential of the federation that provides us with unique possibilities to make WSCF stance more solid in global advocacy and solidarity field. I am also looking forward to making meaningful connections with organizations working in the same area and share the values and principles.


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