ERC testimonial: Dr. Szabolcs Nagypál

Szabi1 (1)Dr. Szabolcs Nagypál (1974) is a graduate in ecumenical theology, law and literature; holds a PhD in (Roman Catholic) theology, as well as in law. He is an associate professor of philosophy and legal theory in Budapest, and a researcher and theologian in the Benedictine Békés Gellért Ecumenical Institute (BGÖI) in Pannonhalma. He was the editor-in-chief of the WSCF Central European Ecumenical Anthologies, as well as of Student World (SW) and Mozaik, and a member of ExCo in 1999-2004.

It is an extremely rare, probably even a unique opportunity to serve in a world-wide organisation on its highest level. The experience is even more precious if it is an intellectual challenge, as is the case with a student body. And for a believer, joyfulness is complete, when one is able to give her or his best energies to a Christian association centred on theology and spirituality.

These were my thoughts when I was honoured to be elected to the WSCF ExCo, and this feeling of being blessed and grateful for the position had never ceased to exist during those five years between 1999 and 2004. Furthermore, I encountered much more in the SCM: friendship, community, commitment, self-sacrifice, responsibility, the love of God and of the Church.

I met political agendas aiming to change the Church and the world, and while I was fascinated by some of them and kept a distance from others, I always recognised the goodwill of their representatives. The deep dialogue between denominations, cultures, regions, genders and styles of Christian devoutness shaped my theology and even inspired my doctorate on interreligious mutual enrichment. Without this leadership experience I would be a totally different person from who I am now.

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