ERC testimonial: Jaanus Teose

Jt 2Jaanus Teose was the WSCF-E Gender Coordinator 2007-2009 and WSCF-E Vice-Chair 2008-2009. He holds a BA in Gender studies and an MSc in Clinical psychology. He currently works as a psychologist in Sweden.

As WSCF-E Gender Coordinator (2007-2009) and Vice Chair (2008-2009) I worked with a wide variety of issues related to gender, sexuality and equality and their connections to faith, theology and ecumenism within WSCF-E as well as together with WSCF-Es partner organizations. As is the responsibility of every coordinator, I was responsible for organizing a thematic event. The conference Gender, Society and Religion – Exploring diversity in an expanding Europe took place in Sibiu, Romania in October 2009.

WSCF-E and the wider European ecumenical milieu was a truly incredible and special thing to be a part of. It gave me a community, a home and a shelter. It renewed my waning faith and deepened my understanding of what it means to live in the light of the Christian and ecumenical tradition today.

It gave me the opportunity to work together with and learn from many immensely talented and skilled people, gave me the opportunity to develop excellent leadership, project management and communication skills (among many other things) and allowed me to grow tremendously as a person.

But what maybe stands out the most when thinking back are all the moments and memories of joy that WSCF-E brought me. The joy of new friendships. The joy of mornings and nights spent sharing coffee and community. The joy of great dancing and the joy of passionate late-night conversation, talking endlessly into the night. The joy of knowing that I was fully and truly there and alive at a certain moment in time.

So now, almost five years later and looking back on those years, I realize that I treasure them and the memories they gave birth to immensely and I am very grateful that I got to be a part of it all. Being a part of the European regional committee (ERC) and the wider WSCF-E community is an experience unlike any other and I would without hesitation recommend it to anyone.

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