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At WSCF Europe, we fundraise lots of money towards our conferences to make them as good value as possible. In fact, this is what our staff spend much of their time doing.

We ask that our participants contribute or fundraise a small amount of money themselves towards the cost of the conference and their travel expenses. Many students are unable to pay the standard, student or subsidised participation fees.

The full cost of hosting one student at a WSCF Europe conference (including accomodation, food and travel) can be anywhere between €500-900 depending on wherein Europe they have travelled from.

Students pay what they can afford

To make things as fair as possible, we have created some options for participation fees:

As we trust students to make pay what they can afford. The minimum fee they may pay is €25.

Help us send students to Conferences

With your one time donation we will send one student to a WSCF Europe Conference who is unable to fundraise the standard participation fee or travel funds needed to attend. Your donation will not only financially support their experience but you will support the ecumenical movement and inspire students to be leaders for social justice in Europe today!

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Meet students who’ve attended WSCF Europe conferences

Marta Gustavsson (25)
Protestant (Church of Sweden)
KRISS, Kristna Studentrörelsen i Sverige

Marta Gustavsson WSCF Europe“I like about WSCF the way we manage to have ecumenical encounters – which could be difficult in itself – always dealing with further difficult topics.

I have enjoyed the safe space provided for sharing own contexts, beliefs and thoughts with really interesting people. I have benefitted much, not only by the knowledge of the topics of the conferences but also in understanding for the different Church traditions and the cultural differences and commons throughout Europe.

I believe supporting WSCF is a way to bring new aspects into the own churches, as the students who attend our conferences become aware of perspectives which are not necessarily shared within the own national church.”

Hripsime Muradyan (21)
Republic of Armenia
Orthodox (Armenian Apostolic Church)
Coordinator of the Youth Union of St. Jervezh Church

Hripsime Muradyan WSCF Europe“The conferences and seminars that WSCF organize within the year create opportunities for young people to get knowledge, to see other countries, to share experience that they have and also get new friends. For me it is a big family with family members from different counties and cultures, with different Christian denominations, different age and life experience.

I’ve benefited a lot from attending WSCF conferences. Every time I feel that I’ve changed in a good way after attending a conference. I’m getting smarter; I get knowledge and information about different topics which I try to use in my life after coming back home. Also I’m improving my English language as conferences are in English…

I really recommend you to support WSCF as I can’t imagine this youth world without WSCF. There are lots of Youth Unions and Student Christian Movements that have been created and now they still work with the help of WSCF. WSCF connects Christians and it created a huge network for us. Before I didn’t think about any cooperation with Student Christian Movement or Youth Union as I didn’t have any information and idea about how they work and how I can use their experience in my country and in my youth union. But now I use the opportunity that WSCF gave to me and it really helps to grow, to develop my Youth Union and to be a real Christian.”

Pawel Pustelnik (23)
Roman Catholic
Mozaik Editor in Chief

Pavel Pustelnik WSCF Europe“There are plenty aspects of WSCF that I love, but I think the most important is that it gives a space to discuss important issues in a safe and, in the same time, demanding environment. What is more, WSCF provides possibilities to confront clichés and stereotypes with reality.

I think that the projects that WSCF implements are very beneficial for the youth providing them with knowledge, skills and tools to develop their own projects.

This cannot be done without financial support of the donors. Supporting a Christian NGO is an expression of one’s beliefs and is an act of responsibility for the formation of the youth as well as ensuring the equality among the young people.

As far as the global dimension of WSCF is concerned it is needless to say, that an international organization in order to be effective must be sure of its financial future to plan wisely and in a long-distance perspective.”

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