Ecumenical Mission on Campus

What does mission mean on a University Campus? How do we reach students? What happens when you bring an ecumenical group of students together?

My Faith, My Gender: A Conversation

Kathy GALLOWAY – Using poetry and song, this guided conversation helps participants to explore their faith and gender together. 

Media: An Alternative Truth

Natalia Mykytei and Vladyslav Vlasov – A look at how we interact with media as complacent viewers rather than engaged criticizers.

When I was Young a Blackberry was ‘Just’ a Fruit

Maximilian Karrasch and Gabor Nemet – A fun workshop creating videos and discussing how reliant we are on technology today.

Women’s Role Patterns in Fairy Tales: “How does Cinderella find her boots today?”

Márta Várnagyi – using story-telling participants explore gender roles in traditional and modern fairy-tales.

Games and Other Materials

Ethics, Power and the Global Economy – Game

This game is a role-play for a large group of people (over 30). It acts out trading and global relationships on a large scale. Feel free to use the roles and make variations of the game in your group to fix the context of your event.

Financial Crisis – Role-Play

This Role-Play is for a large or small group of people. It gives participants to act out the financial crises over three stages. Make sure there is plenty of time for discussion and interpretation of the moral decision making involved in each role.

Together Green and Just – A Guidebook on Eco-Justice 

This resource has been created by the Lutheran World Federation (youth) and written to support youth groups and camp teams to engage deeply around the issues of eco-justice. It contains activities, bible studies and background materials. It’s available in English, German, Spanish and French!


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