1. Third African University on Youth Development: Day Three

    The formal approach to the youth work begins – we have identified the goals, benefits and key elements of the theme.  In the afternoon we had a chance to see a bit of Santa Maria – the closest town to the resort. The workshops organized by the participants were held in a local library to give us an insight into the local conditions. Thanks to an extremely various background we come from it was possible to approach issues such as advocacy, communication, strategic planning and monitoring from the different angles. As always the time was tight and the problems that were not possible to present during the workshop, were analyzed in a more informal way while walking along the beach.

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  2. Third African University on Youth Development: Day Two

    The day after the intercultural night. The African dances and the smell of Swiss chocolate is still with us, but we are starting with the process of mapping global youth work and structures. Maqueto Lopes representing Pan African Youth Union presented the African perspectives for the youth work, Rui Duarte from the European Youth Forum stressed the importance of the civil society in the global youth work and finally Camelia Nistor from the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

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  3. Third African University on Youth Development: Day One

    Let’s begin. More than 30 young people from all over the world came to a little island that for most of us did not have a clue of. After a long journey we arrived to an earthly paradise to explore our backgrounds, to create spaces for discussion, to imagine, to create and to share.

    The first grasps of the Capeverdian air, the touch of the equatorial sun and the local music all around – this makes me think that it is not going to be just another training course…

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