WSCF Europe prays for the new Pope

March 19th, 2013 1:34 pm

WSCF Europe congratulates the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church on the election of a new Pope. We would like to express the strong hope that the election of Pope Francis would provide a new impetus for the Roman Catholic Church as well as the whole of Christianity.

The personal story of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio and his first gestures of humility as Pope Francis encourage us to believe that the Roman Catholic Church will stand even stronger for the rights of those who are vulnerable and marginalised. As the new Pope is part of a religious order (The Jesuits) whose members take a vow of poverty and make solidarity with the poor a central tenet of their ministry, we express our hope that this desire to be in solidarity with the poor will be a model for the Roman Catholic as well as other churches. We pray for all Christians, including ourselves, that we fully realise that we cannot worship and live in community with our God truthfully, while rejecting the equal claims to dignity and just livelihood of those who are poor and excluded

WSCF Europe, as part of global federation of Student Christian Movements, appreciates that the Roman Catholic Church, for the first time in electing a Pope from Argentina, is reflecting, a shift from the traditional centre of Christianity to the global South. We recognize this step as a sign that the Roman Catholic Church is becoming more conscious of its internal cultural diversity.

In the same sense, we encourage the Roman Catholic Church led by Pope Francis to continue to place an ever greater deepen emphasis on ecumenism and build on Cardinal Bergoglio’s already established reputation for inter-religious dialogue in Argentina. Furthermore we pray that the new Pope, together with Christians of all denominations will renew the face of the earth through the spreading the Spirit of the Gospel all over the world.

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