WSCF-E Calls for Equal Rights of Sexual Minorities in Russia

May 16th, 2013 12:18 pm

WSCF Europe wishes to express solidarity with Russian LGBT community in the times of rising homophobia in the country, expressed in the brutal incident in Volgograd. 

On 10 May, 23-years old Vladislav Tornovoi was murdered in Volgograd by his two friends after coming out as gay. This brutal and shocking act illustrates the intensity of homophobic prejudices within parts of the population in Russia, which clearly shows that these are not to be taken lightly. This incident increases the worries about the state-sanctioned homophobic policy that is being pursued in Russia. In January the article 6.13.1. of the Code of Administrative offences banning “Propaganda of homosexualism among minors”, which would effectively criminalise any self-identification of people as gay in public spaces, passed its first reading in the Russian parliament. The second reading is planned for 25 May. This law would presumably serve as a source of further development of homophobic attitudes within Russian society. This brutal murder has shown once again that failure to confront and overcome intolerance can have fatal effects.

Therefore WSCF Europe calls all Christians in Russia and elsewhere to raise their voice to support efforts for equal human and civil rights of sexual minorities in the country. It is our duty as followers of Jesus Christ to stand for those who are suppressed and marginalized.

We remain in prayer for the victim’s family and for everyone who falls victim of hate crimes. 

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