Vaccine equity

June 27th, 2021 5:35 pm

The COVID-19 Pandemic radically changed our lives and brought challenges and danger to us, no matter where we live, what language we speak and what passport we hold. People across the Globe have been dealing with the virus in various ways. Health workers have been trying their best in the awful, and sometimes lethal conditions that have been created by the lack of investment by the governments around the world in public, fair, and universally accessible healthcare. A great number of other people have had to fight for their health or to keep others healthy, to grieve for loved ones and deal with the effects of the restrictions that were imposed to stop its spread. As part of a global federation, WSCF-Europe and signatory Student Christian Movements want to express hope for a fair distribution of the vaccine globally. It is not only our belief that everyone should have an equal chance to get the vaccine, but that it would be a moral failure of governments, organisations, leaders and individuals to not ensure that this is the case.

We urge the leaders of the world, as well as the scientific community, to pause the patents and act in global solidarity to ensure a fast and easy production and distribution of vaccines for all people globally.

We stand in solidarity with our siblings in other regions of the world and commit to stay connected in prayer.

Many ecumenical and humanitarian organizations have already recognized the need for global solidarity to ensure vaccines for all. We, the WSCF-E, acknowledge this and join their statements. We recognize that health equity is a fundamental human right and that it will not be achieved until healthcare becomes accessible to all people, free of charge or requiring an affordable contribution.


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