Prayer of Condolence

March 19th, 2012 9:51 am

WSCF Members, Staff and Senior Friends are all united in sending our heartfelt sympathy at the loss of the beloved brother and colleague to the family of Rev. Peter Kodjo who passed away 27 February 2012.

Guided by our tradition of mercy and compassion, we are holding his entire family in our hearts and prayers during this sorrowful time.

This sad news was received from a Senior friend from Ghana Mr. Alibert Davies

“I deeply regret to inform you of the sad death of Rev. Peter Kodjo which occurred in Ghana on February 27, 2012. Peter one of the pillars of SCM of Ghana when I was the General and Travelling Secretary of SCM of Ghana. I became the General Youth Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana when Peter was the Africa Regional Secretary. Peter first experience of the WSCF-Africa Region began in Yaounde, Camerron when I and Peter attended the African Regional Committee meeting at Yaoundé; Aaron Tolen of Cameroon and Jose Chipenda of Angola were the then Africa Regional Secretaries.

The years when Peter as Regional Secretary coincided with one of the greatest period in the history of WSCF and the Africa. It was the height of the Liberation struggle in Africa and also the first time an African became the President of WSCF,in the person of Ms. Ama Oduyoye of Ghana. Peter was instrumental in that fiercely fought battle.

I hope your staff will remember his memory”

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  1. micheline RAVOLOLONARISOA / October 3, 2012

    Dear Colleagues and friends at WSCF ,

    It was with great shock that we just read today on Google picturs of Peter Kodjo’s funeral . Peter was our  brother, former colleague and friend.  
    He was the Regional Secretary for Africa based in Nairobi and I, Micheline Ravololonarisoa ,  was a project officer in charge of the Liberation project, later to become Associate Regional Secretary  for Africa .  Peter and I worked for four years together before I married James Oporia-Ekwaro who  then was the  Deputy Secretary General of WSCF based in Geneva. James and Peter were close like blood brother. In fact many people could not believe that they were not.
    We are very saddened that we had lost contact with him and that we did not have any way of knowing that he had passed away.
    We would like to give our word of encouragement to his family. Pleae is it possible to get their contact from the WSCF office .
    Thank you and regards

    Micheline nsd James Oporia-ekwaro

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