Easter Common Prayer Of The Churches Of South & North Korea 2014

March 21st, 2014 8:19 am

Let us pray with them: 

O God, who makes leaves bud on withered branches and life sprout on barren   ground, we praise and give you thanks for your amazing love which gives us hope for reunification by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We know that death is not the end of things, but the very beginning, because of the resurrection of our Lord. We dream of the resurrection of our people through peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, going beyond the present reality of national division. Reveal your power to us so that our earnest wish will be fulfilled.

O Lord! The situation of the Korean peninsula is severely affected by the powerful surrounding countries and our people suffer from mutual distrust and hostility. The people who have been wounded by the division and those who still suffer from separated families are crying out louder and louder. Let us know that this crying out is the sighing of the Holy Spirit. Let us overcome our wounds and pains and be your instruments to achieve peace and coexistence.

O Lord of resurrection! We are eager to stop the military drills on land and sea surrounding the Korean peninsula which intensify the conflict and opposition between the two Koreas. Establish your peaceful kingdom on earth wherein the people can communicate without any obstacle. Pour your grace on us so that we can be united and overcome the revival of Japan’s military ambition.

We give glory and thanks to you, for you have invited us to participate in the incredible event of resurrection. We believe that the resurrected Lord ordered us to break down all human-made walls and we want to follow the Lord’s will. Encourage us and be with us as you once walked with the dispirited disciples to Emmaus. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ who had been raised by God and who wants the peace and reunification of Korea. Amen

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