An Appeal to Support the survivors of the “Super Typhoon” Haiyan in the Philippines

November 20th, 2013 1:13 pm

WSCF Asia Pacific and SCM Philippines seek our support and donations for the survivors of the catastrophic typhoon Haiyan:  

An Appeal to Support the survivors of the “Super Typhoon” Haiyan in the Philippines

Dear SCMers and Ecumenical Partners,

Solidarity greetings from the Regional Office of WSCF Asia Pacific, in Hong Kong.

The catastrophe:

It is with immense grief we are writing this appeal letter to you and bring the concerns of the people in the Philippines who are devastated by the catastrophic “super Typhoon” Haiyan, (‘Yolanda’, as called locally), which ravaged Philippines on November 8, 2013.

Haiyan spelled death and destruction beyond comprehension in the central Philippines, especially Samar and Leyte regions. In Tacloban city alone, the death toll might rise up to 10, 000, despite the Philippine Government’s estimation of a rather low casualties of around 2000. As television reports continue to air footages of dead bodies piled in the streets, the grief and loss of the people could not be described in mere words and photos. Their houses, properties, public facilities like hospitals are ruined by the typhoon especially in Toclaban, the worst affected region.

It is reported that more than 650,000 people are displaced and 10 million people are affected by the typhoon. The survivors are struggling to get food, drinking water and medication, even after six days as the relief operation by the Philippine government is dawdling. They are desperately looking for help and support and many survivors hoping to get support from the NGOs, Churches, and other Civil Societies.

And under-prepared Government:

The Philippine government was unprepared to face this deadly typhoon. Despite the desperate calls for food and water, Anderson Cooper, a CNN reporter observed that the government had “no real evidence of organized recovery or relief.” Despite the reassuring statements of Noynoy Aquino, President of Philippines, the fact remains that the affected people still have no food to eat, with no roof to protect them, and not even body bags to cover their departed loved ones. The people in the Philippines have gone through massive tragedies one after the other. It is heart breaking to know that majority of the poor people faces the brunt of it and according to daily mail, UK two out of five deaths are of the children. It is obvious that the government did not take adequate and timely measures to evacuate the people before the category 5 “super typhoon” made the landfall.

The situation has already come to desperation. Some of the survivors have resorted to ransacking grocery stores so they don’t starve to death, after surviving a deadly typhoon. Instead of addressing the lack of food and water to the needy and strengthening relief measures, according to some sources, the Aquino government is focusing on “law and order” situation by deploying police and military to “guard” the relief materials.

Hospitals can no longer function as all facilities were washed off by the storm surge. Women give birth to their babies in a makeshift tent made of galvanized iron and sticks. Sick children lay quivering in wet clothes and empty stomachs. This tragedy occurred when people were still struggling to recover from a massive earth quake of 7.2 magnitude on 15th October killing 200 lives and affecting about 3 million people in the provinces of Bohol, Cebu and Siquijor.

Ecumenical Response to the Tragedy:

While the disastrous typhoon made its landfall, many of us and the Christian community were still in Busan, Korea, preparing to leave after the WCC assembly, including our Pilipino friends. Many participants have also lost their friends and family members. The churches and many NGOs are working on the relief measures, as the government’s relief response is abysmally inadequate. The SCM Philippines is engaged in providing immediate relief to the victims in their respective vicinities.

SCM Philippines seeking solidarity by saying, “With our fellow Filipinos in this dire situation, we are calling out for all the help and prayers that you can give. Please pray that our brothers and sisters in the Central Philippines be able to recover from the dismal state that they are in now. As the government failing in providing quick aid, several non-government organizations, schools, and other institutions are currently conducting a relief drive. The SCM Philippines is joining hands with many churches, youth, students, Christian communities and other NGOs to extend relief to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. “

The Appeal:

This is a time for all of us to show our solidarity, prayers and support to the survivors of the worst ever typhoon to hit Philippines. We at the WSCF AP with the SCM Philippines seek your prayers and appeal to you for your financial help to provide relief to the victims of the typhoon Haiyan. We will channelize your assistance to the SCM Philippines who are engaged in relief operations on the ground. Please donate generously and encourage your friends and network to contribute to our relief fund for the victims of Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines.

For donations please contact

Ms. Sunita Suna (Regional Secretary), Ms. Nina Nayoan (Regional Women’s Coordinator) for information to send your donations.

Phone No:+852-23852550, fax: +852-27823980, email:

In times of such crisis we are all called to respond to the immediate need of our brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers and fellow human beings. Thank you for your solidarity and generous support.

With warm regards,

Sunita Suna

Regional Secretary WSCF Asia-Pacific


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