Partner event: International Young Naturefriends “Off The Grid” Work Camp

May 6th, 2014 11:18 am

International Young Naturefriends together with Young Naturefriends Frankfurt are organizing a two week long workcamp in the end of August 2014! There you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn, explore and share ideas about resilience and self-governance, but to truly experience self-governance principles in action while going ‘off the grid’. The work camp will bring together young volunteers, activists, youth workers and members of grassroots and community organisations to explore how they can engage young people in self/participatory governance while developing organisational resilience and self-sufficiency. We are aiming to create a vision of a fully balanced community life, including a perfect mix work, leisure & education activities.

Work Activities: We will revive a 100-year old Naturefriend’s house . This means cleaning, sanding and painting the outer woodwork, building an outdoor kitchen and washing station and renovating the barbecue hut. The work includes laying foundations and stonework. Previous experiences come in handy, but are in no way necessary!


We will also build a treehouse, which means plenty of woodwork to be tried out and experimented with!

Non-formal Education Programme: Interactive workshops and outdoor activities exploring the topics of resilience, shared responsibility, self-governance concepts and living off the grid. Also learning to build a a spiral treehouse.

Accomodation: We all should fit in rather compact in the house. Shower rooms and toilets are outside the house.

This work camp aims to:
– provide young people with an opportunity to engage in an experiential learning process through cocreation and immersion in a resilient, off the grid and self-governing environment

– to enable young people to explore, share and expand their practical knowledge of how to achieve organisational self-sufficiency and resilience

– explore the place of and challenges of self-governance and shared responsibility in youth organizations

– inspire and empower young people to adapt and apply their learning to affect positive organisational change on their return

Who can join? Everyone who is:

• motived to do physical work outdoors and happy to live in basic but comfortable conditions

• proactive : wanting to learn and share their knowledge

• motivated to apply their learning within their organisation

• able to understand and speak English

The participants will be selected based on the criteria mentioned above while taking into consideration geographical, gender and experiential balance among participants. Priority will be given to participants actively involved in IYNF member and partner organisations, but there is also space for other participants from all over Europe.

When and where?

16 – 30 August 2014, in a Naturefriend’s house, 45mins by public transport from Frankfurt, Germany.

How much will it cost you?

Participants must cover 100% of their transport costs. We’ll also ask to take care of your own insurance.

Boarding and lodging are fully covered by IYNF and Naturfreunde Jugend Frankfurt

How to apply?

Follow this link for the application form:

Deadline: 12.00 pm 25th of May 2014

Those selected for the work camp will be informed personally via e-mail by 3rd of June 2014 (make sure you check them regularly, spam boxes too).

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to drop an e-mail to Alexandru 

See you in August!

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