Would You Like A Life-Changing, Challenging, Nourishing And Community Orientated Experience??? Then Come To The GA!

March 26th, 2014 8:19 am

General Assembly

Participating in the GA 2008 in Montréal, Canada, was an unforgettable experience for me. As staff, it was a time of running around like a headless chicken and skipping food and sleep (already some weeks before the Assembly) that a major European airline strike just prior the Assembly contributed to in a very interesting way; yet it was worth every drop of sweat and tear.

The GA 2008 was a celebration of unity and fellowship with students and Senior Friends all over the world in prayer, study, discussion, dance and party. It was time of spiritual (trans)formation and forging of long-lasting friendships over geographic and cultural boundaries. In the Assembly I realised that as a Federation, the WSCF was not as uniform or united I had thought it was: there was huge cultural diversity and even disagreement over issues. In the Assembly we experienced painful clashes when struggling to understand one another. Yet we felt that pain together as one body and from there, started a path of dialogue seeking greater unity and understanding with each other.


For me, the GA 2008 showed that even the WSCF has a lot to do in empowering authentic student leadership and improving organisational accountability. That is one challenge for the GA this year.

The GA was an experience like a prism of a crystal in the sunlight. It was so multidimensional and deep that it is impossible to describe briefly. But if I were to put it in just four words, those would be life-changing, challenging, nourishing, community. I truly regret I cannot participate in the GA this year as a Senior Friend due to work commitments, but I wish that the Assembly will be a transforming experience to as many students around the world as possible and a true moment of transfiguration for the Federation.


Mikkeli, Finland, 19 March 2014


Written by, Jooa Sotejeff-Wilson,  a former WSCF-E Regional Seceretary

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