What is new in inter-faith matters?

January 21st, 2014 9:39 am

It was last November that WSCF-E was invited once again as a member of European Interfaith Youth Network for its gathering. I was representing WSCF-E for the second time, after 2012 meeting in Norway, at this annual summit which took place in Vienna, 22-24 Nov, 2013.

WSCF-E has been part of this network for last five years. From the beginning of our engagement, WSCF-Eers were starting attending these annual meetings to see how we could connect with people from other religious youth led European organisations. After five years, the life of EIYN is becoming more and more vivid and so does an engagement of us in WSCF-E within this really nice network of people from other religious, non-religious as well as inter-faith networks working in Europe.

It was at this meeting when EIYN has accepted a few new members. This is really great for all members like WSCF-E as we are getting more interconnected and our opportunities are widening for our inter-faith endeavours. The new members are from Zoroastrian and Buddhist traditions as well as from organisations that are inter-religious in itself and humanist.

It was at this late autumn meeting that we were discussing another step forward that shall ease our mutual work in the future. It was discussion about not being only a network but getting to the stage of registration as an NGO- an umbrella organisation of organisations. All members unanimously agreed that we wish to work toward this aim and so the process has started.

Among other things, we had a training on nuclear disarmament delivered by an inspired Martin Hinrichs from ICAN. I encourage all to learn more about it at ICAN.

On another  level, it was nice to meet people like myself who at the end of the day also with others on the leadership committees run their NGOs and have to deal with also rather down to earth matters. I realized this inter-faith platform is also becoming a good way to exchange information on purely practical matters with our friends from other religious traditions.

Last but not least, WSCF-E is organizing an event with EIYN in April 2014. That is also a fruit of our connections which we started 5 year ago!

It was a really nice meeting with people who wish to work together. I hope to write more such blogs on our endeavors to get more connected all over Europe  across our traditions!

 (Slovakia) is WSCF-E’s Chairperson





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