November 12th, 2017 11:30 pm

Emanuele De Bettini (Italy)

My name is Emanuele De Bettini and I’m an Italian student.  I was born in 1996 and I’ve lived in Torre Pellice, a small  town near Turin, until 2015, when I moved to Turin for  attending University. I’ve studied Physics since 2015 for  two years then I’ve changed my mind and I started studying  History in September 2017.

I started attending FGEI (Federazione Giovanile Evangelica in Italia), our national youth evangelical movement, in 2012, participating in regional and national meetings. In 2014 I got involved in a staff for the organisation of a local meeting and it was the first of some  staff I attended in the last years. In 2016 I was elected in the General Committee of a evangelical centre ( to represent FGEI.

In my church I organise the catechism lectures and I take part in the Youth Group meetings.

Being part of the ERC is my first international experience connected with my faith. I’m very motivated to work carefully and I trust in my expert colleagues to help me making the first steps.

I am really looking forward to be involved with all the ERC and our staff during next years in work of WSCF-E. I hope next years will be full of challenges that inspire us all and new connections we can build.

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