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June 2nd, 2015 3:07 pm


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Praxis, is  WSCF AP’s official publication and is a vital tool  for communicating the voices and concerns of young people. This issue is titled ” Young Women Seeking, Engaging Restoring Justice and Peace” it includes pieces on the following categories

and a calendar of events

here is excerpt from Writing Our Herstory by Jen-Wen Wang

“With the identity of Christian feminists in Asia we are going to interpret the history of Christianity.We start to raise questions about the past of global Christianity with the acknowledgement of the effort of many women theologians who worked before us and are working among us. We read the historical documentation of Western Christianity but do a critical analysis, using the experience of being a woman and a Christian in certain contexts in Asian

The center of our
herstory is no
more Rome, nor
Constantinople, nor
nor Geneva.
The center of
our herstory is
the life of women in
Asia, in the multireligious

The historyAsia Pacfic of Christianity. We will write a herstory, instead a history of Christianity. We hope, the stories might thus empower us and help us in the search of our religious identity.”


Check out the full publication here or if you have a bit more time you can even visit the Asia-Pacific’s regions website to learn more about them or go to there old website to read archives of Praxis 

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