Radical Inclusivity: Digital workshops on Issues of Gender & Openness to LGBTQIA+ Persons

January 29th, 2021 4:52 pm


Every year, WSCF-Europe provides a range of different activities and training programs. As an organisation, we seek to explore and raise awareness of social justice issues, through different means, and this year’s sessions will particularly focus on issues related to gender equality and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. In these sessions, we commit to not only increasing awareness around these issues, but also to learning from lived experiences in order to ensure that the notions and practices of equality and inclusivity are fostered first within, and begin with, us. 

Our regular training sessions aim to empower young people to ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’. This includes providing young people with practical skills, as well as an overall critical philosophy that inspires and motivates them to think about and respond to these issues. Furthermore, WSCF-Europe wishes to demonstrate that the ‘gulf of hate’ that has opened up between feminists/LGBTQIA+ persons and people of faith can be bridged using simple methods. 

By gathering a diverse range of students and speakers, we hope to give a platform to and share knowledge with groups/persons who are often alienated from the faith environment. As an organisation, we accept that we are not a unified, perfect community and wish through this experience to grow and change. We hope that, at the same time that our participants will do, too.

To make this program successful we need YOUR help in different areas. 

Firstly, we are looking for Team Members for the individual online workshops. The tasks of these teams will be to participate actively in the regular online team meetings, think about the aims and objectives of the individual online workshops, invite speakers, select participants, help with the promotion of the project, contribute to evaluation and reporting after the workshops and make the sessions successful. You should bring interest in the topics, and ideally some experience in organising conferences online and/or in-person.

With the above in mind, WSCF-Europe has prepared four workshop thematic areas, with the idea being that each one of them will be the focus of one workshop. These are:

Secondly, we are looking for people to support the Campaigns Team, which will be working during the workshop series to communicate the outcomes of the workshops, advertise and advocate. Social media or creative writing skills are desired, but if you are motivated to learn, this can be a learning-by-doing experience, too. 

Being a Team Member of the project, WSCF-Europe would offer you the opportunity to:

Please consider joining us for our campaign and feel free at any time to engage with us on these important issues. 

Please submit your application by filling-in the application form available here by 15th February 2021.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Christiane Gebauer, at . 

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