New movement: S.S.R.-N.U.

October 30th, 2017 2:08 am

WSCF Europe is happy to announce that our European Regional Assembly, that took place between 13-15th October, in Prosperous, Ireland, has voted in favour of a new associated member from the Netherlands joinng us. They are the Studentenvereniging SSR-NU.

A few words from them below:

At the Regional Assembly in October the Dutch Christian student association S.S.R.-N.U. was voted in as an associated member of the WSCF.

S.S.R.-N.U. is an association with around 160 members of all kinds of Christian faiths. It doesn’t matter if one is a protestant or a Catholic or something else: everybody is welcome as long as one has respect for the Christian faith. Members of S.S.R.-N.U. are encouraged to have interfaith and interreligious dialogues. Learning from people with different religious opinions is a central aspect of the Christian education that S.S.R.-N.U. offers.

Activities such as interfaith dialogues are held in the city center of Utrecht where S.S.R.-N.U. has her own building. Here the members can come together several times a week. They can do a drink, have a meal, or participate in another activity such as a lecture or a workshop. In this way, a strong community of active student members is build.

As a student association S.S.R.-N.U. finds it important that her members do not only focus on their own community but also on the world around them. That’s why S.S.R.-N.U. organizes a lot of socially engaged activities. Examples are dinners with refugees, elderly or homeless, debates around the local elections in our home city Utrecht and voluntary receptionist work for the nuns that live next door. As Christians, we want to do something for the people around us.

Christian education, having a community and undertake social activities are things that S.S.R.-N.U. does not only want to undertake on a national but also on an international level. That’s why S.S.R.-N.U. is delighted to have been accepted as an associated member of the WSCF. We hope to learn from people with other nationalities on Assemblies and Congresses. Furthermore, we would like to organize something together with another member movement such as an exchange or writing an article for each other’s movement magazines. Interested? Feel free to contact us at .

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