Looking back at 2016 & forward to 2017

January 27th, 2017 2:10 pm

 Zuzana Babicová, WSCF-Europe Chairperson

We have the year 2016 behind and looking forward to 2017.

I would describe 2016 with these words – with commitment moving to challenging times internally and with faith and ever searching spirit creating spaces for discussion.

In 2016 we continued with our long term focus on internal organisational development – with the internal database project, we launched alumnae engagement activities – such as registration of skills being the invitation to join our projects, joining the official Circle of WSCF-E Friends and establishing communication tools for WSCF-Europe Friends – a special newsletter and a closed Facebook group. In 2016, we also organized the 2 days event for our alumnae/Senior Friends in Budapest. We have also moved on with initiative to produce WSCF-E history book by launching a crowdfund-raising campaign to realize the first stage of the project. Last but not least, we developed a regular giving project which we are launching now in January.

In our work for students, we continued with capacity building activities by our annual training in 2016 being focused on volunteer work management and continued to provide opportunities within WSCF-E for young people in various capacities. We have been once again able to include students from outside of Europe to our events. Our key international event focused on important questions related to gender enabled us to reflect with wide student audience on identity issues that we want to confront with searching mind. Our journal Mozaik has continued to be a stamp of the thoughts that students are bringing for discernment. 

2016 build a lot of grounding for the year 2017- it will be the year of further internal development in the area of financial stability and development in the area of communications, legacy and inviting Friends of WSCF-Europe into our work. 2016 will be also the year of our key bi-annual statutory meeting. Stay in touch with us for our 3 events this yeartraining in Lithuania, international student conference on Migration in Ireland, WSCF-E Friends Gathering in Italy and Combating Hate Speech campaign run internationally.

Keep in touch and join us in our open activities!


Best wishes to everyone in 2017,

WSCF-Europe Chairperson

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