Join Our Polish National SCM, Go To The 35th Orthodox Youth Pilgrimage On The Holy Mount Grabarka

April 16th, 2014 8:19 am


A letter to all our SCM Members

“On Behalf of the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland I would like to invite you for the 35th jubilee meeting meeting of orthodox youth in Holy Mountain Grabarka, which will take place on the 16th -18th May 2014.

The first meeting was organized in 1980 and till now it has the longest history in our fellowship. In the past it was bringing together more than 3000 people. Then it was the biggest meeting of orthodox in Europe and in the world. Nowadays there arrive a  few hundred people. During the 35 years of Easter meeting there participated almost 50 thousands of people. We had youth and priests over all the continents. Frequently representatives of sydesmos, World council of churches, World Student Christian Federation, representatives of polish science, culture and art have had decided to honor us with their presence. On the other hand, Orthodox youth actively participate in European and World Christian meetings, they are official delegates for conferences, stewards and volunteers.

if you come to Grabaka, you will have a possibility to spend three amazing days in one of the most known monasteries in Poland.”

For more information read the Programme of eventsTo apply complete this Application Form  The deadline is the 10th of May. 





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