“Guilty or Not Guilty?” Ask Christian Students

March 27th, 2012 1:22 pm

Press Release

European, Christian students have travelled to Bratislava this week to investigate guilt, sin and morality in today’s context. Guilty or Not Guilty?, a conference organized by WSCF Europe, has brought together 30 students to talk about the financial crisis, crime, and climate change and how moral dilemmas and feelings of guilt are experienced.

As an ecumenical group, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox students will participate in workshops, attend lectures, and explore Bratislava. “Whatever the study field of today’s students-ranging from Humanities to Engineering, questions like what it is right or wrong to do and then how to carry the consequences that are relevant to all of them.” Says Zuzka Babicova, Events Coordinator for WSCF Europe. “Guilty or Not Guilty? will be a forum for students who will question, debate, take new stances, or affirm ones they already hold. Informed discussions and personal encounters with those holding opposite views is what we so much need. This conference will make this possible for and by students!”

WSCF Europe’s mission to be “a progressive Christian voice, aware of our political responsibility” and to “educate and empower one another to be leaders and critical thinkers” and through this conference they will engage with students to reach this outcome.


  1. Interviews and more detailed reports are available upon request. For up-to-date blogs, pictures and news please visit www.wscf-europe.org.
  2. WSCF-Europe is a network of twenty-four Student Christian Movements (SCMs) in countries across Europe. It is part of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), a global federation of over 100 SCMs. WSCF’s key values include social justice, youth leadership, ecumenical dialogue, and gender justice.
  3. Guilty or Not Guilty? was one of two annual conferences organised by WSCF-Europe, and was attended by over 30 students and young people from SCMs across Europe. It was held in Bratislava, Slovakia from 27.03-02.04.2012. The conference was funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF), celebrating forty years of work with European Youth.

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