Diversity & Integration Photo Competition Winners

December 22nd, 2017 1:41 am

The winners are here! Between October-November 2017, WSCF Europe welcomed  photo submissions from young people around Europe, on the topics of diversity and integration. After a long and careful deliberation, the WSCF European Regional Committee, the WSCF Europe Staff and a professional photographer have finally reached a decision on what photos and photographers should take away our prizes and warmest congratulations. Here are the winners!


1st Prize 

‘Breaking the Bubble’ – David Enriquez (Germany)

“I am myself a child of the world, I learned from my parents how to be free and have no limits to follow my goals. 

I landed at the age of 21 in Germany at which time I couldn’t have imagined that I would call it home after some years.
Being a young migrant who for the first time was living somewhere outside of his homeland, the world seemed to be one of gigantic proportions. It was thanks to my host family, neighbours and friends who from the very first beginning made me feel welcome and little by little part of a new home.

The city of Cologne is well known to be host of internationals from many different part of the world. Every one brings some piece of their culture here, it may take you only some minutes walking around the city to see its multicultural richness. Everyone is unique and they live altogether with their differences and similarities.

Yet in Europe the right parties are growing bigger and one of their strongest arguments are against immigrants, against social integration and cultural exchange.

I wouldn’t call myself an activist but I have the feeling that I need to defend the positive values of many people who accepted me as I am in this new country. Europe is, and I strongly wish it will always be, one of the best examples in the world for multiculturalism and integration, yet it needs to be dynamic and continuously progressive to fight against racism, xenophobia and despotism.

This picture represents for me the opposite of what adults and in particular right-wing believers view. In their world, children don’t know differences between us and everyone is treated as a pair, as an equal.

Breaking the Bubble, getting outside our space, share it with others. That’s a closer world image of the Europe I want to live in.


As International as the city is, I was walking around the city center with some Portuguese friends who were visiting me for a few days. I am in love with Cologne and I enjoy doing walking tours around this place which I call my second home. While walking through the old town I saw the children from the photo playing with the bubbles.”


2nd Prize

‘Heart of Hands’ – Mirjam Balovski (Serbia)

Photo was taken in United Methodist Church in Jabuka, Serbia (19.10.2017.). Youth from church made heart of hands with cross in background. Photo represent love for each other.”


3rd Prize

‘Inside we are all the same humans’ – Diana Yeghiazaryan (Armenia)

“This photo has been taken in Yerevan, Armenia, on 18 October 2017. In the photograph it is depicted 2 eggs with different colors black and white. It is symbolic and shows the diversity of people in everything like bad and good, far and near, etc. The idea is even if we seem different and very diverse on the cover, we all are human beings with the same psychology, emotions, feelings and viewpoints. So we are united in diversity. And this is awesome.”


Apart from the winning photographs, a few other photographs have been chosen to be added to our 2018 WSCF Calendar, which will be made available to our friends, readers and followers in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you to all the participants for their involvement! 

This competition was part of the campaign ‘A Year with No Hate’, ran by WSCF Europe in 2017, with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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